Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Remember whether you’re approaching a prospective employer or seeking financial backing it’s your job to sell yourself. There are thousands of others competing in any chosen profession, but you can give yourself an edge by thinking what do I have to offer. So many people approach a new career by asking, “What can this career do for me?” instead of “What can I do to make myself and my services invaluable? What unmet needs can I fulfill?” This is the attitude that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Remember that the truly successful career is built upon three requirements. First, you must have the desire to succeed, or as I say it, the “have to” spirit. Second, you must have the “know how.” Knowledge is power it build enthusiasm and enthusiasm builds success. But neither knowledge nor power is enough. The third requirement is that you apply yourself. You can want to succeed as an A&R with all your heart. You may learn everything you can know about the music industry. But unless you are willing to apply all your skills – in other words to work hard-all your efforts will be wasted.

Not all of us want to develop an international conglomerate-most are independent people who want to support our families while practicing the art of trade. If you decide to become an entrepreneur, you must also be willing to work harder than you will ever work in an ordinary job. You must condition yourself to work like you have a boss standing over you. This means you must set aside exact hours to work every single day. Once you make the decision stick to it, no matter what. You too will have to be a strict boss to avoid failure.

Kamal D. Jabbar

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