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NEW YORK — A laid-off women’s accessories designer shot a former coworker to death in front of the Empire State Building, causing a chaotic showdown with police Friday in front of one of the world’s best-known landmarks. Police killed the suspect and at least nine others were wounded, some possibly by police gunfire, city officials said.

Some of the wounded were grazed by bullets and others hit directly, but all were expected to survive, officials said.

The gunshots rang out on the Fifth Avenue side of the building at around 9 a.m., a time of day when the sidewalks around the building are packed with pedestrians and merchants were opening their shops.
“People were yelling ‘Get down! Get down!”, said Marc Engel, an accountant who was on a bus in the area when he heard the shots. “It took about 15 seconds, a lot of ‘pop, pop, pop, pop, one shot after the other.”
Afterward, he saw the sidewalks littered with the wounded, including one person “dripping enough blood to leave a stream.”

After the shootout, crowds of tourists and people on their way to work gathered along 34th Street, which was shut down by police. Police helicopters buzzed overhead and swarms of officers were gathered around the crime scene.

Jeffrey Johnson, 58, was laid off about a year ago at Hazan Imports and fired three times at the company’s 41-year-old office manager, shooting the man in the head, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. The two had traded accusations of harassment when Johnson worked there, he said.

Johnson walked away, and a construction worker who saw the shooting followed Johnson and alerted police, officials said. Surveillance video footage shows Johnson reaching into a bag, pulling out a .45-caliber pistol and pointing it at officers, Kelly said. The officers drew their weapons and started firing, killing Johnson, Kelly said.

Kelly initially said that Johnson fired on officers, but police said later they were trying to determine whether Johnson actually fired shots.

The two officers fired a total of 14 rounds, he said. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said some of the nine wounded may have been shot by police in the mayhem. Johnson’s semi-automatic weapon was equipped to fire at least eight rounds; at least one round was left in the clip, police said.

Johnson worked at the company near the building for about six years and was laid off because of downsizing, Kelly said.

“We were just working here and we just heard bang, bang, bang!” said Mohammed Bachchu, 22, of Queens, a worker at a nearby souvenir shop. He said he rushed from the building and saw seven people lying on the ground, covered in blood.

Queens resident Rebecca Fox, 27, said she saw people running down the street and initially thought it was a celebrity sighting, but then saw a woman shot in the foot and a man dead on the ground.

“I was scared and shocked and literally shaking,” she said. She said police seemed to appear in seconds. “It was like CSI, but it was real.”

Hassam Cissa, 22, of the Bronx, said he saw two bodies on the ground and police applying a white cloth to a man’s stomach wound.

Gunshots so close to one of the city’s leading tourist attractions immediately prompted fears of terrorism, but federal officials said that wasn’t the case, and a guard at skyscraper said it didn’t involve the parts of the building where tourists gather to visit the skyscraper.

The gunfire came less than two weeks after a knife-wielding man was shot dead by police near Times Square, another tourist-saturated part of the city. Authorities say police shot 51-year-old Darrius Kennedy after he lunged at officers with a kitchen knife Aug. 12. Kennedy was smoking marijuana in Times Square on a Saturday afternoon when officers first approached, police said. It was the beginning of an encounter that would stretch for seven crowded blocks.

In 1997, a gunman opened fire on the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building, killing one tourist and wounding six others before fatally shooting himself.

Usain Bolt considering a switch to long jump

Usain Bolt has completed everything he could hope to as a sprinter. He has world records in the 100m and the 200m, six Olympic golds, and a set-in-stone legacy as one of the greatest sprinters of all time. Why not seek another challenge?

Though there were rumors of his retirement, Bolt dismissed the idea his track and field career was over. Instead, he mentioned a prospect that would mean the world's fastest man wouldn't even be in the sprints. Bolt is considering trying other events, namely the 400m and long jump.
"It's just about making different goals, there's a lot of things I can do in the sport," Bolt told Britain's Sky News television channel.
"My coach wants me to do 400 metres, I want to try long jump," said Bolt.
Seeing Bolt long jump would certainly be a sight to behold. One of the reasons why he is so dominant in the sprints is that he uses his height as an advantage. He uses every inch of his 6-foot-5 body to get to the finish line in a fast, efficient manner. Can you imagine what he will do to get that frame to jump farther?

Suri cruises to millions in "TomKat" divorce: report

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Katie Holmes walked away without a payment or alimony in her divorce with Tom Cruise, but the couple's six-year-old daughter, Suri, stands to receive $400,000 annually in child support until she turns 18, celebrity website reported on Friday.

Citing sources familiar with court documents filed by the former couple, whose divorce was finalized earlier this week, TMZ said the "TomKat" pre-nuptial agreement blocked Holmes from receiving any portion of the 50-year-old actor's $250 million fortune.

But Cruise will make child-support payments over the next 12 years that add up to $4.8 million, or $33,333.33 a month. TMZ also reported that Cruise must pay Suri's medical, education and extracurricular expenses.

Cruise's attorney declined to comment on the report, and a lawyer for Holmes did not respond to Reuters' request for confirmation.

Holmes, 33, surprised Cruise in late June when she filed for divorce from the "Mission: Impossible" star after a nearly six-year marriage. Cruise was in Iceland shooting a movie at the time.

The divorce, which took less than two weeks to settle, captivated the world and prompted questions about whether Suri will be raised in the Church of Scientology, with which her father has long been closely associated.

Why You Remember Certain TV Ads

If you watch live TV, ads are unavoidable and usually not very memorable. But there are always a few that break through. Why?

There are five common characteristics that memorable ads  share, according to a new Nielsen report. Ads with humor, relatable characters, a simple storyline, conversation rather than a voiceover and emotion tend to be remembered.

"The ability to create a true winning commercial is an undeniable art form, but there’s science behind it too," Joe Stagaman, Nielsen TV ad analyst said in a statement.

For instance, the latest top-remembered ad is a 30-second spot for Wendy's, the fast food chain founded by Dave Thomas and known for its square burgers. In this commercial, Thomas' daughter talks about the freshness of the chain's beef. There is no fancy filmwork — just a middle-aged woman who surely knows about the products of her namesake restaurant  chain. 

Wendy now personally owns more than 30 of the franchises and became the spokesperson for the chain in 2010. 

Is it funny? Not really, aside from an opening joke about Wendy's Frosty treats, but an awful lot of moms can relate to Wendy's talk about the importance of fresh food and her fond memories of her dad. The "That's Wendy's Way" ad series featuring downhome dialogue with Wendy began running last April and now has its own website.

ABC Family orders Jennifer Lopez-produced TV pilot

LOS ANGELES (AP) — ABC Family says it green-lighted a series pilot from Jennifer Lopez's production company about a lesbian couple and their diverse family.

ABC Family said Thursday the comedy-drama pilot, titled "The Fosters," is about two women raising a "21st century," multi-ethnic mix of foster and biological kids.

Lopez will be an executive producer for the hour-long project. Casting was not announced.

Her company, Nuyorican, is in development on other TV series, including "Taming Ben Taylor," a romantic comedy starring the actress-singer, and "Sweet Little 15," a Mexican girl's coming-of-age story.

Lopez, who recently exited "American Idol" as a judge, also is developing films through her company.

Amber Priddy – Pretty Amazing Booty!

Check out this bombshell Amber Priddy from Atlanta, Georgia! Rockin’ a 34DD-24-46 voluptuous body with 100% confidence. Amber is quickly becoming the new rising star in the urban market which is full of bootylicious sexy models and video vixens. She has the personality to get along with everyone is doesn’t take no for an answer. Photographing Amber on South Beach was an exciting experience as people flocked to get pictures with their cell phones and autographs. She is a true super star always showed appreciation to her fans with love. Amber owns a hair salon in Atlanta and says she loves every minute of it.

An interview with Amber Priddy:

Where were you born, and how was life growing up? Charlotte, NC and was tons of fun!
What nationality are you? german, irish and italian
What would the average person say about you? that I have a wonderful personality
Are you a good dancer? very good
Do you date all races?
yes, I don’t discriminate
What do you do professionally? i own a hair salon
Do you have any secret weaknesses or guilty pleasures?
What’s your biggest turn on? guy that smells good
What do guys compliment you most on? guess
Do you consider yourself more of a “giver” or a “taker”? giver
If you could have any car you wanted, what would it be? bentley coupe
Do you have any hidden talents? yes you just have to find them though
What do you like best about being a model? working with different people and learning different things
What is your favorite sex position? doggie
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you? paris mom
We know you’re a model and all, but you must have a favorite food. What is it? mexican
Besides modeling, what do you do for fun? shopping
What are your dreams and goals? tv personality
Would you prefer a guy to pursue you, or do you like to be the aggressor? aggressor
How did you get your start in modeling? someone spotted me randomly
Myspace or Facebook? myspace
Do you have a website? no
Relationship Status: single
Favorite Sports Team: carina panthers
Favorite Comedian: dave chappell
First Job: taco bell
How does someone contact you for a modeling project? or call 908-397-3005

Thank you and best of luck!

Alleged LL Cool J intruder has criminal record

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The man charged with breaking into LL Cool J's house earlier this week has a lengthy criminal record that includes a manslaughter conviction in Texas, court records show.

Authorities say the actor-rapper subdued Jonathan A. Kirby early Wednesday after finding the man in his Los Angeles home, breaking Kirby's nose, jaw and ribs in the process.

Kirby, 58, has a lengthy arrest and criminal history in LA, but also was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in Dallas in 1988.

Records show Kirby was sentenced to six years of imprisonment, but was paroled the following year. By January 1990 he had been arrested on a prostitution-related charge in West Hollywood, and in 1995 was convicted of felony residential burglary. He is charged with the same offense in the LL Cool J incident and could face 38 years to life in prison if convicted.

No additional details about the circumstances of the Texas manslaughter conviction were available Friday.
Prosecutors want Kirby, a transient who has used different names and dates of birth over the years, treated as a third-strike offender.

Authorities say LL Cool J, whose real name is James Todd Smith, and his family were unharmed during the break-in, and nothing was apparently taken from their home.

Kirby has yet to make a court appearance and had to be hospitalized because of his injuries.

Amber Priddy: Chad Ochocinco’s Mistress Loves His Johnson!

Amber Priddy can now be referred to as Chad Ochocinco’s mistress number two or so reports! Just the other day the website revealed that Beverly Shriner has been (and supposedly still IS) engaging in extracurricular activity with the football player and now Priddy, an aspiring model and stripper, makes the mistress count up to two. But, that’s not all… is reporting that there are a string of alleged mistresses that Ochocinco has been hanging out with all while supposedly being committed to his new wife Evelyn Lozada. Obviously Mr. Ochocinco’s picture isn’t next to the definition of faithfulness in the dictionary. 

Okay so, according to the report, Chad’s involvement with Priddy had more to do with just sex. A source told Radar that the Chad had allegedly been paying the rent for Amber. The source said, “Chad has been paying Amber $2000 a month for her apartment and flying her in and out of Miami so they could meet up.” Either Miss Priddy wasn’t using the money to pay for her apartment on Peachtree Street in Atlanta or Ochocinco wasn’t giving her enough to foot the bill because girlfriend got evicted

The 5’4″ brunette has not only posed for raunchy men’s magazines but she is also a stripper at the Gold Rush Showbar in Atlanta. For some rather entertaining tweets, you can follow Amber here on Twitter.

Chad Ochocinco Reportedly Paying For Mistress' Rent

Looks like another turn in the Ev and Ocho drama has revealed itself.

According to RadarOnline:

The disgraced former NFL star has been carrying out a number of illicit affairs with several women for the past year, a source exclusively told Radar, including an aspiring model and stripper from Atlanta named Amber Priddy who he was allegedly paying the rent for until his own financial situation took a downward spiral.

"Chad has been paying Amber $2000 a month for her apartment and flying her in and out of Miami so they could meet up," said our insider, but now the former Black Men Magazine Model Of The Year has been evicted from her apartment on Atlanta's famous Peachtree Street, according to court documents, and she posted a plea on Twitter this week asking for help moving.

The raunchy revelations come after Chad's bombshell week that started with his arrest for domestic violence on August 11 following an explosive fight with the Basketball Wives star, who filed for divorce three days later, which led to him being cut from the Miami Dolphins and fired by sponsor Zico coconut water. exclusively reported that a Boston woman named Beverly Shiner claims that she had a heated affair with the former New England Patriots player from January to May this year while Evelyn was busy planning their 4th of July dream wedding, and now it is clear that she was far from the only person he cheated on the reality star with.

"He would tell Evelyn that he was going out to run errands in the day time and just hook up with one of his women instead," revealed our insider. "It was easier for him to hide when they lived in separate cities but after Chad was traded to Miami in June his philandering literally got too close to home and he got caught."
Determined not to give the 34-year-old six time Pro Bowler up even after he got married, Amber tweeted a very telling message less than a week after he said "I do," to Evelyn. "U can marry him but he's still mine!!!" she wrote, followed by a series of crying faces.

Three days after the newlyweds' notorious violent bust-up, Priddy was relishing in their drama and ready to move into Lozada's spot. "Uh oh just got the text that my bestie Ochocinco is single. Lol U should listened to my counseling session!!!" she bragged.

The 5'4" brunette, who often flaunts her very ample assets in cheap lacy underwear in her profile photo, has posed for raunchy men's magazines that focus on lingerie or fully nude pictorials.

However, the busty dancer's main job is as a stripper at the Gold Rush Showbar in Atlanta, according to our source, which is a fully nude strip club offering dances for just $10.

Along with her bra-bursting DD bust, Amber reportedly also has butt implants and according to one raunchy website, "when she lies on her back, nothing but her ass and shoulders touch the ground."

"She began dating Chad before he was with Evelyn, they dated even after he got married, and are still seeing each other," confirmed our source.

Billionaire Ty Warner gives woman $20,000 for her cause after asking her for directions

A woman who helped a lost man ended up with a surprise $20,000 gift.

That's what happened last month when Jennifer Vasilakos guided Ty Warner when he stopped and asked for driving directions in Santa Barbara, Calif.

While Warner didn't know exactly how to get to where he was going, Vasilakos didn't realize who she was helping.

Warner is the billionaire founder of Ty Inc., the Beanie Baby company.

Vasilakos was at the intersection trying to raise $20,000 for a stem cell procedure she needs to help save her life because she suffers from kidney failure and does not qualify for a transplant.

She describes their encounter in her blog:
I often get asked by random strangers for directions.  Not one to miss an opportunity, I handed him my flyer and he made a fifty dollar donation.  As he drove off, I thought that was the end of our encounter... He'd returned after an hour or so.  Rolling down his window, he reached out his hand and introduced himself.  I immediately recognized his name.  He was kind and sincere as he looked directly into my eyes...  I listened as he repeated over and over that he was going to help me.  That my fundraising was done.  That I didn't need to worry any longer.  He said he would send a check after he returned to his offices during the week.
He was true to his word. Vasilakos, an herbalist and Reiki teacher, received a package on July 16 with a $20,000 check and with a handwritten note from Warner. The note read in part, "Someone up there loves you because I was guided to meet you Saturday. I never lose my way, but fate had me lost and ask you for directions. The rest of the story I hope will be a wonderful new life for you."

"Of course I started crying, because that's what girls do," Vasilakos said. "I'm incredibly thankful to Ty Warner and to everyone who has supported me with love and prayer."

The check cleared a few weeks later and she booked a surgical procedure at an undisclosed foreign hospital to begin hematopoietic stem cell treatment. Hematopietic treatment takes a cell from the blood or bone marrow that can renew itself and develop into a variety of specialized cells.

"After I serendipitously met Jennifer, I further educated myself on her stem cell needs. I was shocked that this particular type of treatment wasn't available to her in the U.S.," Warner said in a media release. "My hope is that we can bring this lifesaving treatment to the forefront so that it can become more readily available and provide alternatives for people like Jennifer."

So the chance meeting allowed both Warner and Vasilakos to each continue on their journeys.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Angela Bassett to Play Coretta Scott King in Lifetime Movie

  • Angela Bassett is the latest star to jump on board to Lifetime's upcoming biopic-drama, Betty and Coretta, previously known as Parallel Lives. Mary J. Blige will play Dr. Betty Shabazz, while Bassett will play Coretta Scott King. In addition, Ruby Dee will play the film's key narrator. The project is set to begin shooting this September. [Hollywood Reporter]

  • Michelle Obama is on a media blitz this month. Having already appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and more, she'll be heading over to Dr. Oz on August 29 to tape a future episode. Later that night, she will make her third Late Show with David Letterman appearance. [EURweb]

  • LL Cool J's late night intruder, who suffered a broken nose and jaw, faces life in prison if convicted. L.A. County District Attorney's Office has charged the homeless man as a third strike offender. He is also charged with first degree burglary with a person present. His bail is set at $1.1M. [TMZ]

  • Tyra Banks says she got the word to revamp America's Next Top Model in the middle of her Harvard business class. "I got a note that said you need to get out of class and take this call," said Banks. "My boss said, 'There are no sacred cows, and you have to do some crazy changes.' It was a mandate." The 19th season of Top Model begins tonight with its dramatic new changes and new panel of judges. [Page Six]

  • Super rich kid Adam Sabbagh paid Tyson Beckford a whopping $25K for one-on-one modeling lessons in his New York apartment. Sabbagh is looking to land a New York Fashion Week modeling job next month. Would you pay that much cash for special attention? [TMZ]

Arkansas Sends Medical Marijuana Law to the Ballot

If voters approve the measure in November, Arkansas would become the first medical pot state in the South

Medical marijuana took one step closer to hitting the South on Wednesday, when Arkansas' Secretary of State office confirmed that the issue will be on the ballot there this November. Arkansans for Compassionate Care handed in 69,000 valid signatures – well over the necessary 62,507 – for the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act, which would set up non-profit organizations to cultivate and sell pot, while allowing patients who live more than five miles from a dispensary to grow their own. The November vote will mark the first time that voters in a Southern state can decide whether to legalize medical pot, and could make Arkansas the U.S.' 18th medical weed state.

The proposed legislation has made Arkansas ground zero for marijuana reform in the South, where weed laws tend to be ultra-harsh. "We are in the Bible Belt – this isn't generally one of the states that is a hotbed for marijuana reform or policy," Ryan Denham, Campaign Director for the ACC, told Opposing Views earlier this year. "If passed, this will send a strong message nationally . . . Marijuana is medicine and it is time we recognize that on a national level."

The initiative qualifies medical marijuana for a variety of conditions – including cancer, glaucoma and post-traumatic stress disorder – as well as other diseases that produce symptoms pot is known to help soothe, like nausea, muscle spasms and seizures. While recognizing marijuana's illegality under federal law, the act would exempt from prosecution those who qualify for participation in the Arkansas program.
Arkansas has long had some of the strictest weed laws in the U.S., but the state has begun liberalizing its policies in recent years. Two towns – Eureka Springs and Fayetteville – have made personal possession of less than an an ounce a low priority, a non-arrestable offense. And last year, sentencing reforms reduced many weed offenses from felonies to misdemeanors, reducing the number of pot prisoners in a state known for locking them up.

Conservative organizations like Arkansas' Family Council may be gearing up for a public relations war now that medical pot is headed to the ballot. "Putting Arkansas in the middle of all of this just doesn't make sense. Why would we want to pass a law that blatantly violates federal law?" Jerry Cox, the council's president, said in a statement this week. "Why would we invite that kind of turmoil to Arkansas?"

For now, though, Arkansans' level of support for the initiative is not definitively known. Last month, a poll conducted by Hendrix College and Talk Business found that the state's citizens were evenly split – 47 percent in favor of legalizing medical weed and 46 percent against.

Tracee Ellis Ross on Leaving 'Reed Between the Lines'

Last week Tracee Ellis Ross broke the news that she won't be returning to the second season of BET's family comedy Reed Between the Lines. Until now, the reason for her exit has been a mystery and left many wondering, What went wrong?
The former Girlfriends actress who revealed the timing became an issue when she was offered the opportunity to work with another network.

"It was that BET hadn't decided if they were picking up the show yet or not," says Ross. "During that time when they didn't know, I was offered a really amazing pilot for NBC, and BET graciously allowed me to go and do it."

Ross says from there things got tricky. "Then the timing got complicated and there was a need to move forward. [BET] had to figure out how to deal without me because I wasn't available. But it's not because I wanted to leave."

The natural-haired maven tells us that things happen for a reason. Despite the casting changes and the fact that the NBC pilot she filmed was not picked up, she appears to be in good spirits. "I love Reed Between the Lines, I believe in it. There is a chance I'll go back, always. There's nothing weird about it."

When the show returns next July, its characters Carla (played by Ross) and Alex (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) will be separated, with Carla moving to Los Angeles to pursue her career and Alex staying behind with the children in Atlanta.

Martin Scorsese Responds to Lawsuit Over Unmade Film

Production company claims director failed to pay them for movie postponed since 1990

Martin Scorsese has responded to a lawsuit filed by a production company that claims to have invested $750,000 in a movie the Oscar-winning director allegedly promised to make in 1990.

"It is shocking to us that the lawyers for Cecchi Gori Pictures would file a suit pursuing such absurd claims considering the amicable working relationship existing between Martin Scorsese and the principals of Cecchi Gori Pictures," says a statement from representatives of Scorsese. 

According to Ceechi Gori's lawsuit, the company claims that Scorsese agreed more than 20 years ago to direct Silence, a project the production company had spent $750,000 developing, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Scorsese was supposed to start the film, based on the novel by Japanese author Shusaku Endo, after finishing the 1997 movie Kundun. The lawsuit claims that Scorsese signed deals to postpone work on Silence so he could direct The Departed, Shutter Island and Hugo, but never paid Ceechi Gori the agreed-upon delay fees, said to reach as much as $1.5 million per film, plus up to 20 percent of Scorsese's backend compensation.

Now, Ceechi Gori Pictures claims, Scorsese has decided to direct Wolf of Wall Street (a film staring Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill) instead of Silence. "The Cecchi Gori Parties cannot allow their rights to be ignored or compromised by further delay on the part of Scorsese and Sikelia," his production company, the complaint reads. 

According to Scorsese's representatives, "The claims asserted are completely contradicted by, inconsistent with and contrary to the express terms of an agreement entered into by the parties last year." 

The statement, released today, also goes on to say that filing a lawsuit just before Scorsese was to start filming another picture "has all the earmarks of a media stunt."

Usher Wins Custody Battle Against Tameka Raymond

After a long custody battle between Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, Usher has just been awarded primary custody of their two sons Usher V and Naviyd.

TMZ reports:
Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond just lost in the former couple's bitter custody battle -- TMZ has learned, a judge has awarded Usher primary custody of their two sons.
It's a shocking development -- considering both sides were trying to strip each other of custody. Tameka felt the singer was an absentee father who was too absorbed in his career to be a good dad. She also accused him of using drugs in front of the kids.
Usher argued Tameka was inattentive and irresponsible.
The ruling marks the end of an emotional custody trial -- involving wild accusations and name-calling ... Usher even broke down at one point on the witness stand.
But today, we're told a judge sided with the singer -- awarding Usher primary custody of the ex-couple's two sons, which means the children will be spending the majority of the time with their father.
Tameka still retains some custodial rights -- but the extent to which Tameka will be able to see her kids is unclear.

Adult Film Star Mr. Marcus Admits To Spreading Syphilis

An adult film actor named Mr. Marcus confessed to spreading the venereal disease syphilis across the adult film industry, after he admitted to submitting an altered STI test so he could continue to perform in sex scenes.

As reported by the AVN Business:
In a meeting yesterday at his studio, 18-year adult industry veteran Mr. Marcus sought to put to rest swirling rumors and identified himself as positive with syphilis and admitted to submitting a test he altered that omitted his syphilis status to producers so he could perform in sex scenes, but said he had sought treatment already from a private doctor and had received a penicillin shot to treat the disease, and had waited a recommended period of time before performing again. 

The meeting at Mr. Marcus' studio was attended by this reporter, XBIZ Executive Managing Editor Dan Miller, FSC Executive Director Diane Duke, FSC board member and Evil Angel General Manager Christian Mann, and Mr. Marcus himself.
Yesterday afternoon's meeting was the first time Mr. Marcus admitted to being diagnosed as positive for syphilis, performing three times after that diagnosis, and willfully doctoring one test from Talent Testing Service.
The porn star posted on Twitter yesterday:
"You can be disappointed, but don't throw stones. Some of you are living in glass houses."
The actor said that three women he performed with after his diagnosis have all tested negative for syphilis.

Jordan's Son Fined For Disturbing the Peace

Even the offspring of sports legends can be human too.

According to Sports Illustrated, Marcus Jordan, son of Michael Jordan, was fined $250 and other court costs Thursday after pleading no contest to disturbing the peace during an argument with two women outside a Nebraska hotel last month.
Authorities responded to an early-morning call at an Embassy Suites hotel in Omaha, where Jordan Jr. was for the U.S. Olympic swim trials in July. According to a police report, an off-duty officer working as security for the hotel was trying to calm him down as he was arguing with two women (reportedly a friend of his girlfriend) in the driveway, describing him as "very animated, intoxicated and uncooperative."
The 21-year-old was also charged with obstructing a police officer but it was later dropped after a plea bargain was set.

The University of Central Florida student paid his fines after a three-minute hearing and exited the court without speaking to reporters. The son of the NBA great is no longer on the basketball team, averaging 13.7 points last season, but citing personal reasons for his departure.

"Honestly, because he's who he is, Marcus Jordan, we thought you guys (media) might go crazy if he wasn't here," aid his Omaha attorney Steve Lefler. "Truly, that was it. You guys would have thought that he's given special treatment when he wouldn't have been given special treatment."

SoundExchange Pays Out $95.8 Million in Q2, But Is That Good Enough?

Labels and performing artists are seeing good growth from digital performance royalties these days. But could they do better?

SoundExchange, the performance rights organization for non-interactive digital music services like Pandora and SiriusXM, paid out $95.8 million in digital performance royalties to recording artist and record labels in the second quarter of 2012.

Payouts of $204.4 million for the first half of 2012 put SoundExchange on track to easily top 2011's disbursements of $249 million. But the second-quarter payout was a noticeable drop from the $108.6 million the organization paid out in the first quarter. That record total, the only that has topped $100 million in a single quarter, was attributed to "data cleanup and technology overhaul efforts." 

Collections are a different matter. SoundExchange collects statutory royalties and - generally, although there have been a few hiccups  - pays out the royalties less a 5.3% administrative rate (as of its 2011 annual report). What it collects is highly dependent on what is paid by its two cash cows, Pandora - which reports earnings next week - and SiriusXM. That could change over time. And while rates is a fixed schedule for the time being, they could change drastically after the current rates expire after 2015.

Pandora has been itching - some might say strategizing  - to change how the Copyright Royalty Board sets the statutory royalty for webcasters. Pandora, which has no satellites, pays a relatively high royalty rate. Satellite radio service SiriusXM is able to pay a much lower performance royalty to SoundExchange. Parity, Pandora argues, would not only allow Pandora to pay the same as SiriusXM but would allow the Internet radio market to flourish with more companies and innovation.

It's an ironic argument, of course. Webcasting rates are already the bargain of digital music. Just ask any on-demand subscription service that pays a far greater share of revenue to rights holders - and large advances to boot. And because webcasters have the luxury of operating with a statutory license, services such as 8tracks and Songza can innovate on a relative shoestring while still competing with the bigger players. How many more webcasters would enter the market if rates were even lower? That's a difficult question to answer.

But it's question worth asking. Internet radio has extraordinary potential to be more popular, innovative and influential in the music business. Take 90% of the expectations currently being placed on on-demand subscription services and place them on Internet radio. Just as radio is the every man's analog product, Internet product will be the every man's digital product.

Stephen Baldwin Arrested in New York City

Stephen Baldwin was arrested in New York City yesterday ...  TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Baldwin was initially pulled over at 5:14 PM after cops say he made an illegal U-turn in Harlem.

During the stop, we're told cops noticed Baldwin was driving with a suspended license ... so they arrested the actor and hauled him to a nearby jail where he was booked for aggravated unlicensed operator [of a motor vehicle].

Baldwin is scheduled to appear in court in October to be arraigned.

We reached out to Baldwin's people for comment -- so far, no word back.

Tony Scott Suicide Note Reveals Farewell Message To Sons, But No Motive

Tony Scott did not explain why he killed himself in his suicide note, but did leave an emotional farewell to his two sons Max and Frank.

As reported by TMZ: 
Sources familiar with the investigation tell TMZ ... the note was "short and sweet." Tony said in the note he loved his wife and his 2 kids -- Max and Frank.
We're told Scott's wife has not told investigators about anything that might have triggered a suicide, although as we first reported she did tell investigators Scott did NOT have brain cancer or any other significant medical problem.
We may never know what triggered Scott to jump to his death last week, but offer his family our condolences. 

Multiple People Shot Outside Empire State Building

At least 10 people were shot Friday morning in front of the Empire State Building in New York.
According to CNN:
A suspect in the shooting was shot and killed by police, New York police said.
Authorities converged on the building around 9 a.m. after reports of gunfire.
A witness told CNN's Rose Arce that the gunman ran after and shot a man in the head. An unarmed guard chased the gunman away, the witness told Arce.
Police are on the scene of a shooting at the Empire State Building in New York City this morning.
Details are limited, but witnesses say they heard multiple shots just before 9 a.m. and that three people have been wounded.
As reported by CBS News:
The shooting happened near the intersection of 33rd Street and Fifth Avenue. There is a large police presence on the scene.

Azealia Banks Gets Her Own M.A.C. Cosmetics Lipstick Color

Azealia Banks can’t seem to keep her way out of social media fiascos these days, but this morning M.A.C. Cosmetics namedropped our Juice Issue cover girl on twitter with some exciting news.

The highly controversial “212” superstar has collaborated with the cosmetics brand and now has her own limited edition M.A.C. lipstick color, called “Yung Rapunxel.”

The color, a blackened violet hue that the young star often rocks with her more vampy ensembles, will be available to the public during Fashion Night Out on Sept. 6 (Sept. 5 online). It will sell for $15.

Aside from the color release, she will be performing at M.A.C.’s SoHo boutique on the 6th at 7:45. What a treat.

Recording Academy Launches Digital Liner Notes Campaign

NEW YORK (AP) -- As liner notes get scarce in the digital age, the Recording Academy wants fans to still be able to find out who the people are behind their favorite hit.

So the Academy announced Thursday that it will launch the "Give Fans the Credit" campaign, which plans to give music listeners more information on the people behind the creation of a song, aside from the song's main performer.

Academy President and CEO Neil Portnow said in a statement that music fans are getting less information on songs today because of digital platforms, which tend to only offer a song's title and performer. But the Academy wants be sure fans are getting liner notes for albums, and that songwriters, non-featured performers, producers and engineers are highlighted for their work.

"We can watch movies online with the credits included, and the same should be true for digitally released recordings," Portnow's statement reads. "If music devices can access millions of tracks in the cloud, we're confident we can find a way to acknowledge those who created the tracks here on earth."

The initiative will feature "honorary ambassadors" who will help facilitate the discussion, including T Bone Burnett, music producer RedOne, Jimmy Jam, Sheila E, songwriter Lamont Dozier and producer Don Was. The Academy's news release said the ambassadors plan to meet with digital music outlets "to brainstorm ways to deliver more robust crediting information on digital music platforms." 

Germany Finally Embracing the Digital Era

BERLIN - The German music market, the world's third largest in 2011 according to the IFPI, is finally catching up to the digital era, according to a new study presented by the German music association BVMI (Bundesverband Musikindustrie) together with the German book trade association and the German Federation against Copyright Theft (GVU) that examined Germany digital media consumption last year.
In 2011, 22.1 million Germans consumed digital music (18.4 million), film (7.1 million) and TV (9.7 million) representing an 11-percent increase over the previous year (the study allowed for multiple answers).  Despite physical sales dominating 83.4 % of total music revenues of 1.67 billion euros (about $2.1 billion), there are now over 70 legal download and streaming services available in Germany.
The survey showed that 81% of Germans are satisfied with Germany's online-music offerings. According to the BVMI, 247 million euros was made from digital music in 2011 - an increase of 21.2 %. Every fifth euro from German music sales is now made from the digital market.

7.9 million, or 54% of those polled, indicated their preference for video streaming platforms such as YouTube, My Space or Tape TV. This was followed by 22% who use online radio sites, 10% who go to artist sites and 7% who use audio-streaming platforms such as Simfy and Spotify.
Frank Briegmann, President Universal Music Deutschland, and a member of the BVMI-board issued a statement on the survey: "The growth of the digital market is something we are very happy about," he said. "It just about compensates for the decline in the physical market. In order to achieve a long term reversal of this trend and to return to positive growth rigorous action against copyright violators. That is the only way artists will be paid fairly for the use of their work in the future."
According to the study, three of every four Germans believed it is appropriate to fine people who offer copyrighted content online without permission. And more than half the population (53 percent) endorsed the imposition of fines on people who illegally download.
The German market research institute Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GFK) in Nuremberg, which conducted the study, surveyed 10,000 people in Feb. and May 2012 representing 63.6 million Germans aged 10 and older.

Nelly Furtado

Canadian singer Nelly Furtado arrived at the turn of the millennium with a sound that incorporated folk, bossa nova and other Latin influences — an unlikely mix for a contemporary mainstream pop singer from the Great White North. Born Nelly Kim Furtado on December 2nd, 1978, to parents of Portuguese descent, she grew up in a bilingual household in Victoria, British Columbia. Furtado gravitated to music early on, playing a variety of instruments including ukulele and guitar, and singing at Portuguese cultural events. When she reached grade school, she listened to the mainstream pop of Mariah Carey and Salt-N-Pepa, but soon discovered the more adventurous sounds of alternative rock and trip-hop acts ranging from Radiohead to Portishead and eventually other cultural traditions including Brazilian bossa nova and Eastern religious music.
After high school, she moved to Toronto, where she fell in with the underground hip-hop scene and formed the short-lived trip-hop outfit Nelstar, along with musician Tallis Newkirk. In 1997, she performed at an all-female urban talent show, attracting the attention of Gerald Eaton of Toronto funk band the Philosopher Kings, who helped her produce a demo tape. The sessions led to her DreamWorks record deal and some of the material ended up on her critically acclaimed debut, Whoa, Nelly! (Number 24, 2001), which included the singles "I'm Like a Bird" (Number Nine, 2001) and "Turn Off the Light" (Number Five, 2001). Even the caustic "Shit on the Radio (Remember the Days)," a song chastising an old friend for accusing her of selling out, managed to reach Number 34 on Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream chart. 

Furtado's multi-culti dance pop earned her a 2001 Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Grammy for "I'm Like a Bird." The more serious Folklore (Number 38, 2004) came a year after Furtado gave birth to her daughter, Nevis, and was less successful in terms of pop singles. But Furtado came back strong with a totally new sound in 2006. Teaming with hip-hop wunderkind Timbaland, Furtado shocked fans with Loose (Number One, 2006) and its three chart-topping singles "Maneater," "Promiscuous" and "Say it Right." The album also included a Spanish-language duet with Colombian pop-rock star Juanes on his song "Te Busque." It was a returned favor, as Furtado had appeared on his 2002 breakthrough album Un Día Normal, dueting with him on the ballad "Fotografía," which topped several Latin charts. Furtado toured in 2001, 2004 and 2007, and released the live DVD Loose the Concert in 2007. As of 2008 she was working on a new album scheduled for release that year.

Ne-Yo, Melanie Fiona, Swizz Beatz To Celebrate Michael Jackson's 'Bad' at Pepsi/Billboard Concert Next Week

Pepsi will continue its year-long celebration of the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's Bad Aug. 29 at New York City's Gotham Hall with performances from Ne-Yo and Melanie Fiona and a DJ set from Swizz Beatz, with additional tunes from DJ Cassidy. The event will mark the conclusion of Pepsi and Billboard's 2012 Summer Beats Concert Series, which also featured a performance by Katy Perry at the premiere of her movie Part of Me 3-D, a Nashville concert with country trio Gloriana and, just last week, a special performance by Pepsi spokeswoman Nicki Minaj at New York's Roseland Ballroom.

In addition to celebrating the music of Bad, the Summer Beats Concert will also feature performances of the artists' current hits, including Ne-Yo's "Let's Go," a collaboration with Calvin Harris that was originally written as a European soccer anthem for Pepsi Max.

Earlier this year, Pepsi also celebrated the 25th anniversary of Bad with 1 billion limited-edition cans featuring Jackson's iconic silhouette, worldwide giveaways for special prizes like jackets inspired by the original BAD Tour and tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour and free downloads of custom remixes by dance producers like A-Trak.

"Pepsi has always been at the forefront of pop culture, helping to shape the music landscape," Brad Jakeman, president, Global Enjoyment Brands, and chief creative officer, PepsiCo Global Beverages Group, said in a statement in May. "This unique global partnership, around such a legendary music milestone, invites Pepsi fans from around the world to experience Michael Jackson's music in an engaging and very now kind of way -- it's a model example of how Pepsi's 'Live for Now' campaign can manifest itself in a way that resonates the world over."

Alanis Morissette Interested in Joining 'American Idol' as Judge

'I live to mentor, so my heart is much more open to the idea of that than even 10 years ago'

Alanis Morissette is a contender to join the judges' table on American Idol, CNN reports. Although she declined to discuss details at her Hollywood Rockwalk induction ceremony this week, Morissette said she's intrigued by the possibility of being a judge.

"I live to mentor, so my heart is much more open to the idea of that than even 10 years ago when I, perhaps, wasn't in a position to be able to offer much advice, solicited or otherwise," Morissette said. "[B]ut I love watching people and just getting really curious about what they want and what they need and what their goals are, and then I can support them. I would do it formally, for sure."

If she lands in a judge's chair, Morissette would sit alongside Mariah Carey and maybe Nicki Minaj, who is said to be "100 percent confirmed" with regard to joining the panel this year, following the departures of departures of Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

There's also been talk that original judge Randy Jackson will move to a "mentoring" role, leaving one more spot open. Rumors continue to swirl about who might take that spot, with name's like Nick Jonas and Kanye West getting thrown into the ring.

The Rise Of Social Media For Musicians

With the rise of the Internet, a lot of the marketing power has been put back into the hands of independent artists. Today, a lot of artists can promote themselves to fans for the cost of essentially nothing. Tons of online social platforms have started to pop up, and a lot of them have become hotspots for both music marketing efforts and fans seeking new talent. This makes self-promotion a lot easier, and almost entirely cuts out the need for a big promotion budget. The important part is the artist or band taking advantage of these many free opportunities, and utilizing all of them properly and consistently.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most well known online platforms currently. Here, artists can interact directly with current and potential fans alike, and link to different media, whether that is their music, videos, blog, etc. They also have the biggest membership base, which gives the greatest potential of growth to artists. Presence on these social media platforms is almost mandatory for any aspiring artist. Artists must also stay on top of these because lack of use could mislead potential fans into thinking the artist is no longer actively making music. Plus, it keeps your fans engaged and excited.

Another great resource is MySpace. Probably the most overlooked due to its fall a few years ago, but it is very useful as an electronic press kit (EPK). It brings all different aspects of your music, band information, fans, and tour dates into one simple webpage. It serves less as a medium to interact with fans, and more of an outlet to feature new material.

Other online platforms every band should utilize are YouTube, Tumblr and MusicClout. All three of these serve different purposes, but they all can be used to further any artist’s career if used properly. YouTube allows artists to upload live shows and music videos, and then post them to your various pages. Tumblr allows artists to write stories while adding in other multi-media, which can allow fans see a more personal side of the artist. MusicClout allows your EPK to be seen by tons of different music industry related opportunities, and lets you make connections with a variety of different professionals.

Social media is essential to any artist. It allows you to effectively engage with fans and directly interact with them, as well as get noticed by big industry professionals.

Jay-Z Is a Model For Entrepreneurs

If you read this blog or follow me on Twitter you know I'm a big Jay-Z fan. His talent, music, swagger, outlook on life and art and most of all his story. Jay grew up in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, New York. A former drug dealer, he hustled his way to global stardom via hard work and genius level talent for lyrics and flow.

In 2008, Jay-Z was set to headline The Glastonbury Festival in the U.K. This is one of the biggest rock festivals the world has to offer each year. I say rock because no Hip Hop artist had ever headlined it. I'm not sure that any had even played it before.

Immediately, there was controversy. Ticket sales started off slow and they blamed Jay-Z. Noel Gallagher of Oasis was quoted as saying:

"I'm sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance. Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music and even when they throw the odd curve ball in on a Sunday night you go 'Kylie Minogue?' I don't know about it. But I'm not having hip hop at Glastonbury. It's wrong."

The press rallied. Everyone weighed in. Should Jay-Z bow out? Should he play? Does Hip Hop belong at Glastonbury?

At the time Jay-Z was already a star in the United States and beginning to be global, but not yet. Glastonbury has audiences from all over the world. The crowd fly flags representing just about every country you can think of.

Was it too risky for him to try and fail?

Entrepreneurs and artists create and risk. That's what they do. And with creation comes success or failure. Sometimes they deliver and sometimes not.

There was no way Jay-Z was bowing out. In fact, I doubt he was worried about failing. There is no more confident artist out there. His skills are undeniable and he's grown into one of the best live performers around. Especially since he added a live band.

"I'm like 'F--- critics, you can kiss my whole asshole. If you don't like my lyrics, you can press fast forward.' " - Jay-Z, "99 Problems"

And then he took the stage. In pure clever and "giving it right back" Hip Hop tradition he opened with his rendition of OASIS' "Wonderwall" where the lyrics "I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now" took on a whole new "f--- you" sort of meaning.

"You not feelin' me? Fine, it cost you nothing. Pay me no mind." - Jay-Z, "Heart of the City"

The crowd went nuts. "Jay-Z. Jay-Z. Jay-Z". Nodding his head in agreement like a conquering emperor.

And just as quickly as the video ended Jay-Z demands into the mic: "I've got one thing to say" and blasts into "99 Problems." That song, ironically enough, was produced by Rick Rubin who has worked with some of the best rock bands around like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Cult, not to mention the Beastie Boys. To add insult to injury, half way through the song, his band includes the guitar riff from AC/DC's "Back in Black." As you'll see below before and after this song, Jay won over the crowd. An amazing moment for a musician facing that kind of public adversity. My friend DJ Neil Armstrong was the touring DJ at this show and he said it was a pretty incredible moment. He felt the crowd turn and the energy for the rest of the night was insane.

And that night, Jay-Z became a global superstar. The British press, notorious for takedowns, was also impressed. The Guardian wrote here: "Glastonbury headliner turns tables on Noel Gallagher after Oasis frontman had lambasted choice of US rapper as top act."

"I'm not looking at you dudes, I'm looking past you" - Jay-Z, "Heart of the City"

And he did.

Jay-Z's recent commercial with Budweiser also expresses how he looks at art. All art is more similar than not in where it comes from. To him "everything is a remix." "We're all trading off each other's culture" he narrates. This spot is exactly what he was saying at Glastonbury.

MGK Spits Vodka In Fan's Mouth During Performance

Things got pretty crazy during Machine Gun Kelly's Rock The Bells performance on Sunday. 

While on stage, the rapper took a shot of vodka, sought out a promising female in the crowd and proceeded to spit the alcohol into her mouth!

After the San Bernardino performance, MGK was kicked out for an incident that occurred backstage.
He can obviously blame it on the alcohol.

Angelica Cob-Baehler, Epic Records EVP, Makes Unexpected Exit

Less than a year after accepting a senior management position at Epic Records, evp of marketing Angelica Cob-Baehler is being let go. An Epic spokesperson confirmed the Los Angeles-based executive's exit, citing a reassessment of senior management functions specifically concerning the West Coast office.

"Epic Records realigned resources today, as a result, all senior management marketing functions will be located at the Epic Records headquarters in New York City," said a label rep when asked by The Hollywood Reporter. "The Epic Los Angeles office will serve as a base for Epic's creative team, A&R and our artists."

According to sources, it was Epic COO Mark Shimmel who delivered the news. A relatively recent hire himself (as of January 2012), Cob-Baehler, who was responsible for all marketing efforts, product management, brand partnerships, publicity, video production and creative at the label, reported directly to the New York-based Shimmel.

That apparently was a part of the problem -- although Cob-Baehler made frequent trips to the company's headquarters in New York, and label chairman L.A. Reid spends a good chunk of the Fall in Los Angeles as an X Factor judge, the long-distance separation between marketing head and minions was an increasingly difficult hurdle, says an insider. Her exit came as surprise to many staffers, one of whom described Cob-Baehler as, "One of the hardest working executives I've ever met."

Cob-Baehler had previously held an evp title at EMI where she oversaw media and creative services. She also played a key role in bringing Katy Perry to the label group, after getting to know the singer at Columbia Records, where Cob-Baehler was vp of publicity. In 2011, she was named one of Billboard Magazine's Top Women In Music