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“Closing The Deal”

I. Be Ready for the Deal- Opportunity is a miracle that you are allowed to participate in when you are prepared to deliver. You will have more credibility with your prospects if you do more planning and less talking, fantasizing, and procrastinating.

Prepare your Proposal- Prepare your vision, your business plan, your budget, your marketing strategies. Know your market and be very realistic about your overall vision. You want to commit less and deliver more. 
Prepare your Paperwork- get your company legal documents in order, your online merchant accounts, and any other legal documents that will validate your company.

Prepare Your Product - Spend enough to create a quality product, along with the entire derivative products. Remember that you must also plan to pay for other costs related to packaging your products.
Prepare your Promotional Strategies.

II. Don’t Talk Yourself Out of the Deal
Focus on the Process - Time management is crucial when you are distracted by other causes and tasks that can drain you and slow you down. You can begin to feel overwhelmed with the details. If you are not an organizer, say to yourself, I will find someone positive to collaborate with who is a strategic organizer/planner.
Focus on gaining Access - Never say to yourself, "what if." Always say to yourself all I need is to connect with the right people and resources and I know that I will be successful. Even if you do not connect initially, use what you have, “power, love, and discipline.

Focus on your Progress - Set short and long-term goals for yourself with timelines for completion. Hold yourself accountable daily for getting things done. Measure everything you do based on what you can do first, then others will join in to help you. If they can’t help you, you don’t need them anyway.

Focus on your Success - Visualize yourself with the deal that you want and more. Stay open to God and the universe to work with you to succeed. Put in the work and it will pay off.

III. Do Not Include Everybody in Your Deal
Resource Consultants - Ask the experts how to position you. Remember, everybody is not going to help you to succeed. Sharing all of your information with the whole world will create a breakdown in your momentum and the loss of your deal.

Out Source Specialist- You do not have to recreate the wheel if someone who specializes in what you need is willing to partner with you.  Successful people know that they cannot be all things, or do all things.  Why call on a barber to market your music products? You will be surprised to learn how many people will help you if you would just ask. You have not, because you ask not.

In-Source Private Research - Always protect your ideas when it come to intellectual properties and patents. The Music Industry is a very cut- throat business that is full of con artist. Protect what ever you are developing way before you begin when ever possible.

IV. Do Not Announce Your Deal until it is signed
Practice Confidentiality - Again, I say learn to practice confidentiality.  Sign confidentiality agreements with whomever you are collaborating with. When you are being coerced into sharing everything about your business, that is a sign that someone wants to know too much too soon about your plans and your products. Do not share all of the specifics about your plans until you are ready to launch or present it.  “Coming soon” will have to do until you reach the point of having everything in place.
Pursue Patience - Experience is the best teacher for acquiring patience in this business. The struggles of getting to the point of a release will show you who is legit and who is not. Lack of resources will tell you who is in it for themselves when you have to pay for everything yourself. When you receive those heavenly gifts that come without any strings attached or fine print, you will know that you are in the right place and that you are dealing with the right people. When companies can show their faces without anything to hide, you know that you have found a relationship based company that will help you to grow.

Protect your Future - Most producers and writers today give everything away just to make a deal.  This is not the most equitable way to do business.  If you do not want to spend the rest of your life on the road until you can’t sing, dance, or play an instrument, you should keep your publishing and masters for three reasons: (1) Distributors prefer to do business with clients who own or co-own the rights to their music copyrights. (2) When the time comes for you to make a publishing deal, and you want to get advances against it, or you want to retire from the road, or out right sell it for millions, you need to be in control in order to “close the deal.” (3) Your family should have the right to execute your will to take care of them if something happens to you.  I know of a lot of artists/writers who left a legacy but no money for their families. Be responsible and learn more about this aspect of any deal that presents itself as a great deal for you.

'Rip The Stage' NYC's Hottest Artist showcase


Music Industry Deals: Distribution with a major label takes a lot of preparation

As an independent artist, you need to think about the kind of deal that you ask for based on your readiness to proceed. 

Artist Deals- Sign directly to the labels and the labels pay the cost and reap the most benefits. 

Production Deals- You create the product and partner with the label to pay for everything except the cost of prodution. 

Label/Distribution Deals- Means that you come to the tabel prepared to run your own label, pay for production, share the cost of Marketing, Promotion, Manufacturring, Packaging, and Radio etc.

Distribution with a major label takes a lot of preparation. Therefore, please read the info on my blog:

You must be ready for a distribution deal in order to get one.

Below is the information you need to get started. Please be sure to include the list of catalog titles you will be bringing on board and the current roster, and the tentative release schedule for 2012.

The more information included, the better.

• Label Name
• Key principals and total number of staff
o Sales Manager
o Head of Marketing
• Date of establishment – if start-up label, see below***
• Full history of record label
• Full mailing address
• Website address
• Current Distributor
• Artist Roster
• List of catalog titles including:
o Release date
o Soundscan current year-to-date
o Soundscan totals for 2010
o Soundscan totals for 2009
o Soundscan totals for 2008
• 2009 vs. 2010 Gross Billing & Returns
• 2011 Sales to date
• Financial Statements for the last two years
o Balance Sheet
o Income Statement
• Cash Flows 

• Projected release schedule for next 12 months with estimated release dates, sales, and initial ship quantities. Also include sales history where applicable 

• Marketing Plans and Budgets for key new releases

* labels with no sales history must provide evidence of capital funding sufficient to cover 19 months of operations.

Please send any music or additional materials to the following address.

UMCG c/o Rhoda Lawrence

Universal Hollywood Drive
Suite #400
Universal City, CA 91608

All physical submissions must be accompanied by an electronic submission. Anything you submit will not be returned to you.

UMCG || 111 Universal Hollywood Drive, Suite #400 || Universal City, CA 91608


New artists have the benefits of history and the experiences of those who paved the way and continue to counsel those who will listen.  Today there are Universities that focus on Music Industry Trends in the classroom.  My point is that there is no need to create a thug profile or a sex video to establish one's self as a viable entertainer.  The future entertainment industry has already designated a place for you if you choose this path. It is call "the cotton field.". Once you complete one row of compromising your dignity, you will be told to start on the next row, and the next, and the next.  MY mother always said that, "The way that you start a relationship or journey is how you will end." 


Quick money does not secure longevity when your plan is to spend your advances and earnings on material things. With a well thought out plan , you can and will attract money before you sing or play a note.  People want to know if you can think beyond the initial chart hit or award show. Money is a great tool, that if managed right over time, can create options and freedom.


Only selfish people want to be around selfish people. If your mindset is to isolate yourself in order to punish all of your haters, you will end up broke with a limited amount of real friends. Learn to give even when it hurts to give to those who need you. giving does not always mean money.  It can iclude your time, your talents your counsel, your network of resources. Giving keeps you grounded in the reality that you could one day be the one in need.  Don't give to impress. Instead, give to bless.



Questions to ask yourself when developing your plan:

  •  How do you as an artists want to be marketed?
  •  What kind of image will you project based on your self image , your story, and your music?
  • "What is your target market?"
  • "What makes your product/brand or service unique?"
  • "What does your ideal customer look like? (Gender, income, age, etc.)"
  • "How do you get customers/sales/gigs now?"
  • "What are your current business goals, mission statement, values?"
  • "How do you see your business growing in the next year? Next two years? Beyond? "
  • "Which of your services or products is a priority for marketing?"
  • "What calls to action are you looking to increase? (Phone calls, web traffic, online sales, etc.)"
  • "Do you currently do any advertising or have you done any in the past? (Newspaper, radio, online ads, etc.) If you’ve stopped advertising, why?"
  • "Who is your competition? What do you think your competition does well? What don’t they do well?"
  • "Do you collect e-mail addresses from customers/fans? "
  • "What do you believe is the unique value proposition for your business/music; the one thing customers get here they can’t get anywhere else?"
  • 'What business concernss keep you up at night?"
Any artist or partner that is considered for doing business with PMG  is one who has given some serious thought to these questions.

I hope that you will enjoy this helpful video for artists who want to prepare themselves for success with PMG.

Thanks again for your support!

MTV's Video Music Awards Ratings Plummet More Than 50 Percent From Last Years

MTV's Video Music Awards took a nosedive in the ratings.

MTV VMAs 2012: Rihanna, One Direction Find Love & Moonmen

About 6.1 million viewers tuned into Thursday night's telecast of the VMAs, dropping more than half its audience from last year's record 12.4 million haul. In the network's target 12-34 demo, the VMAs drew a 5.3 rating.

MTV's 2011 VMAs Attract Biggest Audience in Network History

Something to consider is how different the circumstances were for this year's VMAs. Usually broadcast on a Sunday, the move to Thursday put it in direct conflict with President Obama's planned speech at the Democratic National Convention. Just two days before the show, the network announced the ceremony would move up one hour, airing from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET, to avoid any direct conflict.

Backbeat: Lil Wayne, Jimmy Iovine, Luke Wood, Dr. Dre at Beats By Dre VMA Party

Year to year, the VMAs were down more than 50 percent in total viewers.

There was stiffer than usual competition across cable, with news networks airing multiple hours of DNC coverage.

Prior to this year's broadcast, the VMAs have been on the rise, jumping to its largest audience in a decade in 2010.

Simon Cowell on Britney Spears: 'She's Surprisingly Quite Mean'

Since hiring Britney Spears as one of the new judges on The X Factor, Simon Cowell's perception of the pop star has changed dramatically. "She's surprisingly quite mean and quite difficult to please," he told a group of reporters on a conference call Thursday afternoon. He offered up an analogy: "When you buy a dog you expect it to lick you," he said, "and then it turns out to bite you."

Cowell added that he's been pleased so far with Spears' performance on the reality-singing competition, which kicks off its second season next Wednesday on FOX. "She has taken this quite seriously," he said. "She's kind of fearless – very unpredictable. You never know what's gonna happen. I've grown to like her a lot."

Demi Lovato, the show's other new judge this season, joined Cowell on the call. She said she was also enthused to work with Spears, of whom she's been a longtime fan.

"I feel like the world really hasn't gotten a chance to see her personality over the past couple years," said the "Give Your Heart a Break" singer. "This is the perfect opportunity for people to really see the light inside of her just shine. She's very witty and funny and quirky. I just have such a good time working with her.  
Preview clips have depicted Cowell and Lovato as having something of a contemptuous relationship. The 20-year-old admitted she was initially put off by the longtime reality-show judge. "He's a bit of an asshole," she told Rolling Stone on Thursday evening at the MTV VMAs, "but backstage we get along great."

Cowell explained that it was Lovato's youth, in addition to her risk-taking behavior that led to her hiring. "I think because the contestants are young, it's important we have [a judge] close to that age group," he said. "I have a habit of working with annoying people. Demi has definitely brought that again this year, in spades. But that's kind of what I expected. When I saw Demi a couple of years ago I thought she'd be interesting to work with – her coming through Disney, being sort of a rebel."

The 52-year-old was also frank about his displeasure at NBC's recently announced decision to extend The Voice to three nights every week, essentially pitting it against his show. "It's very simple: they don't want you to watch [The X Factor]," he offered. "I am pissed off about it. I think it's mean-spirited. And I hope and I pray that it backfires on them." When asked to respond to The Voice judge Christina Aguilera being unsure what longtime rival Spears has to offer as a judge, Cowell had some choice advice for the husky-voiced singer.

"Tell her to watch the show," he said. "She might learn something."

Should viewers expect any other changes this season on The X Factor? For one, Cowell says host Steve Jones will be replaced, likely by a duo. However, given the fact that the audition shows will not have a host, Cowell says he still hasn't made a final decision. "My gut feeling is we'll probably go with a boy and a girl who haven't had any hosting experience," he said. "I think that might make it more interesting.

"There's so much talking on these shows," he continued. "It's just too boring, as Ryan [Seacrest] demonstrated, for one person to say everything. You've got to mix it up a little bit."

Cowell also said viewers should expect more of a "reality" component to the show than in the past. "You'll see even more of the audition process," he explained. "Way more of how [the contestants] interact with each other, how they prepare. I found it fascinating to watch. There's an awful lot of bitchiness."

Bobby Brown Lands BET Reality Show

Are you ready for more Bobby Brown? 

The troubled singer is teaming up with BET for a brand new reality show set to be produced by James DuBose. 

The yet-to-be titled series will follow Brown through his life and career. Most recently Brown checked himself out of rehab early, telling fans he's doing great. Unfortunately, just days later his new wife Alicia Etheridge suffered a seizure.  


Apple News Takes Bite Out of Pandora's Market Cap

Shares of Internet radio giant Pandora Media took a big hit Friday as investors absorbed news that Apple is planning - merely planning, mind you - an Internet radio service. After closing at $12.57 on Thursday, Pandora shares opened down 19.4% at $10.53 and fell as low as $9.95 - a loss of 20.8% -- before flattening out and ended the day down 16.7% at $10.47.

Business Matters: 5 Reasons Why Apple Wants to Move Into Pandora Territory

The news of Apple's pending competing service wiped out $354.6 million of market capitalization and nearly erased the gains Pandora made late last month. Pandora's August 29 earnings report raised its fiscal year 2013 guidance and boasted of mobile gains in its latest fiscal quarter. The company's shares soared from a low of $9.87 on August 29 - the earnings report was released at the end of the day - to a high of $12.43 on August 30 as a handful of suddenly optimistic analysts upgraded their ratings.
Nearly $400 million is a lot of market capitalization to lose on speculation that Apple is planning on entering your turf. Not yet known are details about the markets in which Apple and Pandora would compete, although the U.S. is the most obvious starting point for any new Apple digital music service. Pandora quietly expanded to Australia and New Zealand in August.
Apple added $4.5 billion in market cap by midday Friday, but that didn't necessarily haven anything to do with investor optimism about its plans for an Internet radio service. Apple shares hit an all-time high of $681.50 on multiple news items: a judge said the HTC patents challenged by Apple were probably valid; Apple is cutting Samsung, its chief smartphone competitor, from its iPhone 5 chip suppliers list; and a new lineup of Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.
Apple's all-time high Friday underscores why Pandora investors were so concerned. Normally news of greater competition in the tablet market would be cause for concern, but early reviews of Amazon's upcoming slate of Kindle Fire tablets say Apple should not be too concerned. An analyst for Topeka Capital Markets emphasized that Apple "will continue to dominate the tablet market at the mid-to-high end" while an analyst for the ISI Group sees the upcoming, low-priced iPad Mini "will expand [Apple's] addressable market opportunity."

Nicki Minaj: 'I Don't Know' If I'm Judging 'American Idol'

While on the MTV VMAs red carpet Thursday night, Nicki Minaj told E! News that she'll be releasing Pink Friday Roman Re-loaded: The Re-Up – an expanded version of her just recently released second LP – in November. The rapper promised "lots of new songs on there," and also teased a new single slated to drop next week. 

"Barbz, you are gonna spazz. You are gonna love it. You are gonna go cra-zy," said Minaj. 

When asked about the rumors that she'll be a judge on the next season of American Idol, though, Minaj played it more coyly – pausing, smiling, and simply replying, "You know something, I don't know yet. I really don't know. I have no comment on it." Asked whether it's her decision or the show's, she only had this to say: "Everything in my life, every opportunity is always my decision." And the rumor mill keeps churning.

Nia Long Wants In on Aretha Franklin Biopic

As news circulates that Aretha Franklin has approved a treatment for her upcoming biopic and ordered a script, Nia Long smiles at the thought of being involved with the film.
"I would be ever so honored," says the actress with excitement. "She's an icon and I'm sure there's more to her story than the world knows."

Despite being named on Franklin's actor wishlist, Long has yet to be contacted about involvement. But she has a few words for the Queen of Soul: "Aretha, if you're out there and you're reading, count me in!" she syas.

According to a release from Franklin's rep, the legendary singer is in negotiations with directors and producers to get the biopic completed. The film will be "an epic tale with probably the most starring and supporting roles since Roots," read the release.

So far Franklin has picked Dorothy Norwood, Karen Clark and La Shun Pace to play the Clara Ward singers. At last check in, Franklin was said to be considering Jennifer Hudson or Audra McDonald for the lead role.

Jon Platt Heading to Warner Chappell

Billboard has learned that Jon Platt will be heading to Warner Chappell. There's no word at press time as to what his official title will be, although unconfirmed reports say he'll be head of creative. Platt previously served as president of North America creative at EMI Music Publishing, a post he exited earlier this summer. Over his 17 years at EMI, he signed Kanye West, Jay-Z, Diddy, Beyonce, Drake, Usher, Ludacris and many others to the company.

Backbeat: EMI's Jon Platt Exits In Style At ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards

He received a
tweet from none other than Rihanna, fresh from her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night, on Friday morning. It reads "Congratulations to one if the best people in this industry, Jon Platt, on his new position as the head of Warner Chappell."

Billboard Power 100: Jon Platt

Platt has been rumored to be taking an
Ethiopia Habtemariam-type dual label/publisher role at Warner after initial reports of him joining former boss Martin Bandier at Sony/ATV were dismissed. 

Photos: EMI's Jon Platt Honored @ SESAC's Pre-Grammy Brunch

A formal announcement is expected early next week. Stay tuned for more details.

Rihanna Announces 'Diamonds World' Spring Tour (SCHEDULE)

Rihanna's not taking a break anytime soon. Just as the summer is coming to a wrap, RihRih has announced her next tour for the spring for 2013.

03/08 Buffalo, NY First Niagara Center
03/10 Boston, MA TD Garden
03/12 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
03/14 Philadelphia
, PA Wells Fargo Center
03/15 Hartford, CT XL Center
03/17 Montreal, QC Bell Centre
03/18 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
03/21 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena
03/22 Chicago, IL United Center
03/24 St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center
03/25 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre
03/27 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place
03/30 Calgary, AB Scotiabank Saddledome
04/01 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena
04/03 Seattle, WA Key Arena
04/06 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion
04/08 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
04/11 San Diego, CA Valley View Casino Center
04/12 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay
04/15 Houston, TX Toyota Center
04/16 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
04/19 Tampa, FL Tampa Bay Times Forum
04/20 Ft. Lauderdale, FL BankAtlantic Center
04/22 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
04/29 Washington, D.C Verizon Center
05/02 Ottawa, ON Scotiabank Place
05/04 Brooklyn, NY Barclays Center

5 Reasons Why Apple Wants to Move Into Pandora Territory

Apple is in negotiations with rights holders for an Internet radio service similar to Pandora, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. It appears Apple executives spot a hole in the needs of their consumers and the capabilities of their products. I think they're right.
No Apple foray into music is a slum dunk. But given the company's track record in music and its commanding market position in mobile handsets and technology, Apple could become a major player - it could even dominate or reinvent Internet radio. No acquisitions have been made public - Apple's purchase of SoundJam in 2000 preceded iTunes, and its purchase of in 2009 preceded iTunes Match - so don't expect Apple to build from scratch any time soon.

Apple News Takes Bite Out of Pandora's Market Cap

Internet radio is still a young market and ready for disruption. Here are five reasons why Apple would want to be in the Internet radio business.
1. This would be a smart preemptive move against Google, subscription services and other Internet radio services. Apple dominates digital downloads but has yet to create another killer music app since the iTunes Music Store. The company has long been wary of the subscription model and has ventured into the access model only to the extent of iTunes Match and iCloud. Apple has fallen behind and Internet radio has become a mainstream product enjoyed by both heavy and light music fans. Subscription services are slowly beginning to improve their radio functions because of radio's appeal.

Other technology companies must see the same gap -- it's that obvious. Google would be wise to build an Internet radio service into its cloud-based Google Music service. Amazon could use Internet radio to push its MP3 specials and keep people shopping (it could do wonderful things with Songza). Bottom line: Apple would need to build its Internet radio service sooner or later.  

Business Matters: Songza Takes a Bite Out of Pandora
2. Apple can quickly take the service international. A literal reading of the reports tells us that Apple is in talks with rights holders to license music for the service. A U.S.-only service could operate with a statutory license and without negotiations, but Apple would need to negotiate licenses to take the service to other countries.
The company's deep pockets give it an advantage here. Pandora just managed to get to Australia and New Zealand in June. Clear Channel's iHeartRadio seems destined never to leave these shores. And Apple's boots on the ground in markets around the world give it the ability to tweak the product for specific markets.
Going international also gives Apple an opportunity - as long as one is negotiating - to offer special features such as unlimited skipping and song caching that are prohibited from U.S. webcasters by the DMCA. Caching would be a plus for Apple - SiriusXM now offers it.
3. Apple already has an ad network. An Internet radio service needs to generate revenue, and Apple could generate revenue through its iAd platform; its network currently runs ads in the U.S., Japan, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the U.K. (which happen to be seven of the larger music markets in the world). Extra features will cost more than standard webcasting royalties, however, so Apple may need other revenue if an Internet radio service is to be a standalone profit center.

Pandora's Second Quarter: As Losses Grow, the Message Shifts to Mobile
4. Apple can plug a new music product into an energized customer base. Apple has a huge install base of iOS devices: 410 million iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches worldwide at the end of June iTunes is available in 155 countries, giving Apple an ability to turn an Internet radio service into a sales driven for its iTunes music store.

Sean Parker: Apple Tried To Keep Spotify Out Of The U.S.
5. Apple could launch a very good Internet radio service without Pandora's years of experience. Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy has told me many times that Internet radio is "wickedly hard," and he may be right. But even to this music snob, it's becoming difficult to tell the difference between Pandora and competing services. They play roughly the same songs and do roughly the same job meeting my expectations. With the exception of Clear Channel's iHeartRadio, Pandora has been fortunate that mainly small companies have taken advantage of the low barriers to entry in Internet radio. But that could soon change.

Lil Wayne, Jimmy Iovine, Luke Wood, Dr. Dre at Beats By Dre VMA Party

Lil Wayne, Jimmy Iovine, Luke Wood, Dr. Dre at Beats By Dre VMA Party

L-R): Dr. Dre, Interscope head Jimmy Iovine, Luke Wood, and Lil Wayne (front). (Photo: Palace Images)

He may have worn his just-launched signature bright red Beats By Dre headphones for the entirety of the MTV Video Music Awards, but Lil' Wayne's ears were open at the Cash Money/Beats By Dre afterparty at PlayHouse in Hollywood, where DJ Stevie J and DJ Drama spun Cash Money hits and artists like Rihanna for Wayne, Cash Money co-founders Bryan "Birdman" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams, Interscope chief Jimmy Iovine Wiz Khalifa, LMFAO's SkyBlu, Beats Electronics president Luke Wood, VP of Marketing Omar Johnson and a myriad of reality TV stars along with artists like French Montana, Mateo and Machine Gun Kelly, and of course Dr. Dre himself.

The stage in the two-story room was lit mostly by a giant red "b" for the beats logo, making it hard to see all the onstage action -- but that wasn't where the comely crowd was looking anyways, as the bottle service flowed and the bumping and grinding continued. 

Outside the launch of Lil Wayne's line of Beats By Dre headphones. (Photo: Lester Cohen)
Despite the fire marshall's watchful eye, the crowd was bumping all night, with cage-dancing girls flanking the bar and an uploadable photo booth among the distractions in the packed room -- which, thankfully for anyone looking to get a word in with the security-flanked Lil' Wayne, didn't also include a pair of headphones. 

The whirlwind scene from the crowd. (Photo: Jeff Miller)

Lil Wayne poses with Dr. Dre. (Photo: Lester Cohen)


Bryan "Birdman" Williams shows up on the red carpet. (Photo: Jeff Miller)
Lil Wayne greets a friend while walking through the crowd. (Photo: Jeff Miller)

Amanda Bynes Faces Jail Time After Getting Her License Suspended

It looks like Amanda Bynes is slowly losing her teen queen status, in the worst way.

According to The L.A. Times, Bynes' drivers license has been suspended after getting two new charges of hit-and-run filed this week, DMV officials said. 

The actress was originally arrested about 3 a.m. on April 6th in West Hollywood. Reportedly, authorities said her black BMW struck the rear corner of the Sheriff's Department vehicle, which she was charged with driving under the influence for.

In the August incident, a motorist said a vehicle driven by Bynes rear-ended and damaged her Toyota on Ventura Boulevard, Los Angeles Police Department sources said. The driver said Bynes stopped only briefly, declared there was no damage and drove off.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles city attorney charged her for the two separate hit-and-run incidents in April and August.

Not being able to drive for a while might just be a good thing at this point for the starlet. We're just saying.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nicki Minaj Raps Support for Mitt Romney, Bashes Democrats as "Lazy Bitches"

One of the more outspoken artists in the music business, Nicki Minaj makes her political leanings very clear in a verse from the track "Mercy," which is included on Lil Wayne‘s "Dedication 4" mixtape.

So, who has Minaj poetically endorsed?

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney," she raps in the following video, adding (we presume) of the Democrats: "You lazy bitches are f-cking up the economy."
Minaj isn't the only celebrity who will be pulling a lever in Romney's direction in November. Chuck Norris worries that another four years of President Obama will send the nation into darkness, while Clint Eastwood expressed his concerns by talking to an empty chair.

Who will YOU be voting for in this election?

Palace Music Group, LLC

We specialize in Online Digital Distribution, Television and Movie Rights Synchronization. We do not boast to make people famous; We simply increase the visibility of your music by being a channel for placing your music in selected digital stores worldwide. Palace Music Group distributes unsigned independent artists from ALL genres.

"Here, we strive to teach artist to become a brand, then build on creating strategies that they utilize to monetize themselves. PMG always will be a spot for diverse artists because we have opened up the playing field and will be the the go to guys the major A&R scouts will come to select the rising superstar. Our platform will allow artists the opportunity to intimately interact with their fans, gain exposure and sell their entertainment or creativity as an experience. Our website will provide upcoming artists opportunity to showcase their talent by submitting video, audio or pictures in which their fans can view." or 'PMG' is a media based website for our members which will include upcoming artists (musicians, comedians, thespians, models, poets, and short film directors) and their fans.

For Daily update Exclusive industry News Visit Us @:

Tyga Starts Rack City XXX Porn Site

It was only a matter of time for Tyga to further benefit off the song title “Rack City.” The strip-club anthem, which reached the 7th spot on Billboard 100, has been recited for its overly addictive hook and easygoing content. And what better way to capitalize off a song, which repeats the word “rack” countless times than creating a porn business around it? Rack City XXX, Tyga’s latest venture offers up-to-date, high quality porn videos released on a weekly basis for merely $24.95 a month. According to the trailer posted on the site, the L.A-raised rapper will star in a movie of the same name. 

Although, PMG isn’t sure what role Tyga will play in this upcoming porn flick, it’s not a big concern as some of the porn valley’s finest names (Daisy Marie, Skin Diamond, Havana Ginger, Sophie Dee, London Keyes, Eva Angelina, Jada Fire, Austin Taylor, Kristina Rose, and Stacy Lane) will star in this film, at least according to the trailer. For additional information, visit the site that’s NSFW.

EMI Sues Grooveshark For Third Time, Seeks Trial and Damages

Grooveshark, a third time and is seeking a trial and damages for breach of contract and unauthorized use of EMI's recordings . The complaint was filed in U.S. District Court, Southern District in New York, New York on August 30.

According to the complaint, EMI had entered into an agreement with Grooveshark in 2009 for the digital streaming of certain pre-1972 recordings. Grooveshark has twice been in breach of contract for failure to pay monthly payments and provide sales reports and continues to exploit EMI's catalog despite EMI's termination of its agreement.

This is the third time EMI has sued Grooveshark in 2012. EMI sued Grooveshark for breach of contract in January. It sued the company in March and terminated its distribution agreement, claiming the company failed to pay an agreed-upon $100,000 installment payment on a promissory note of $450,000, it was the party to terminate the agreement "due to EMI's currently unsustainable streaming rates and EMI's pending merger with Universal Music Group."

"Although this is the third time EMI/Capital has sued Grooveshark, we are confident that we will settle this case in a manner that satisfies all parties," the company told it had been the party to unilaterally terminate the distribution agreement due to EMI's involvement in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Grooveshark may not have licensed the EMI songs in its catalog, but its users could upload EMI's songs without Grooveshark's knowledge. EMI appears to have prepared for just a scenario. The complaint argues Grooveshark is not entitled to invoke the "safe harbor" of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because it had previously agreed it would not stream EMI recordings without a content agreement in place (EMI terminated its distribution agreement in March). The "safe harbor" allows a digital service provider to remove infringing content uploaded by users.

Controversy has become standard for Grooveshark. It is being sued for copyright infringement by all four major labels. Undeterred, it launched an analytics tool called Beluga in May that provides artists and brands with survey data from its 20 million monthly users. Its mobile app reappeared at Google's app store last week after a lengthy absence but disappeared three days later (it is still unavailable from Apple). A nifty workaround appeared yesterday in the form of a full HTML5 version of its mobile site.

EMI's latest complaint does not specify the amount of damages caused by Grooveshark, but it cites the maximum statutory to which EMI is entitled of $150,000 per work infringed.

Nicki Minaj Receives Death Threats on Twitter for Lyrics About Republican Mitt Romney

Nicki Minaj’s lyrics about Republicans seem to have really set off a group of radical Democrats on Twitter. It’s to the point where the extremists have been tweeting out death threats in the direction of the Young Money rapper in the aftermath of her lyrics debuting.

The backlash comes in response to Nicki’s lyrics on Lil Wayne’s, “Mercy” track off his Dedication 4 mixtape, which dropped on Labor Day (September 3).

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy,” Minaj raps on the track, which is over the instrumental to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music smash, “Mercy.” It turns out Minaj isn’t registered to vote.

50 Cent, Diddy, Lauryn Hill & LL Cool J Attend Chris Lighty’s Funeral [Video]

Chris Lighty’s untimely passing has brought the hip-hop industry in a state of shock. While the investigation continues on what exactly led to the death of the beloved executive, his funeral procession took place yesterday (Wednesday, September 5th) in Manhattan, New York City. As his career has influenced some of hip-hop’s biggest stars, the passing ceremony was filled with notable names and recognizable faces including 50 Cent, Diddy, Lauryn Hill, Nick Cannon, LL Cool J, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Fat Joe, Maino, Mary J. Blige and many more. Check out the above video, which was shot outside the funeral home.

Dr. Dre Unseats Jay-Z as Hip-Hop's Richest Star

Raking in a whopping $110 million in pretax earnings, Dr. Dre unseated Jay-Z as the richest star in hip-hop, Forbes reports in their annual Cash Kings list.

Though his long-awaited record Detox is still, well, awaited, Dre's cash flow has skyrocketed thanks to his best selling Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, which now account for more than half of the country's premium headphones sales (priced $100 and up). Dre received a huge windfall last year, collecting $100 million of the $300 million HTC paid to acquire a 51 percent stake in the company.

Following Dre is another hip-hop mogul who's making most of his money outside the studio: Diddy, whose $45 million comes mostly from his share of profits from Diageo's Ciroc vodka.

Even third-place finisher Jay-Z – a more frequent visitor to the vocal booth these days – pulled in more than half his $38 million from outside ventures including his ownership stakes in the Brooklyn Nets, the cosmetics company Carol's Daughter and a joint venture with battery maker Duracell.

Coming in fourth is Kanye West, whose $35 million comes largely from Watch the Throne and the massive tour that followed. Lil Wayne rounds out the top five with $27 million: Though he can still push records (Tha Carter IV sold a million in its first week), Weezy also launched a clothing line, Trukfit, and partnered with Mountain Dew for the first major product endorsement in his career.

Also popping up on the list are newcomers Drake and Nicki Minaj (numbers six and eight, respectively, with $20.5 and $15.5 million) who've scored album and tour successes, along with endorsements by companies like Kodak and Pepsi. Eminem, who landed at number nine, was one of the few artists who raked in millions on music alone, thanks primarily to his large back catalog and the occasional tour.

"We work so hard that we never get a real chance to stop and reflect on what we’ve done sometimes," said 10th-place finisher Ludacris, whose $12 million comes from music, movies, Conjure cognac, a new headphone line Soul and more. "So the Forbes list is a great representation of, 'You know what, wow, we are out here working as hard as hell!'"

Cee Lo Green Inks First-Look Deal With NBC, Developing Semi-Autobiographical Scripted Comedy

Cee Lo Green is adding scripted TV to his repertoire.

"The Voice" coach has inked a first-look deal with NBC to develop, produce and potentially star in new projects -- scripted and unscripted -- for the network under his newly launched production company, Emerald Productions.

As part of the pact, NBC is circling a multicamera comedy loosely based on Green's life balancing his career and home life as a producer and recording artist from Sony Pictures Television and Happy Madison. "Everybody Hates Chris'" Ali Leroi will pen the project and executive produce alongside Green, and Primary Wave TV's Andrew Jameson, Primary Wave Music CEO Larry Mestel and Happy Madison's Doug Robinson.

Additionally, Jameson will oversee day-to-day operations of Green and his Primary Wave partner Mestel's Emerald shingle. Green's production company comes a month after the Grammy winner was named chief creative officer at Primary Wave Music, where he will develop and co-write music with artists.

The scripted comedy marks the latest in Primary Wave's relationship with Green. Last year, Jameson developed, sold and produced "Cee Lo Takes the U.K.: Christmas With All the Goodies," a Christmas TV special with Mark Burnett that starred Green. Mestel brought Jameson, former president of Maloof Productions, in to launch Primary Wave TV in February 2011.

"Cee Lo is one of the most unique artists that the entertainment world has ever seen," said Jameson, a partner at Emerald Productions. "I am excited to be his partner and look forward to extending his creative vision into the television world."

Beyond his work on "The Voice," Green has been pushing more into film of late, with roles in "Sparkle" and the upcoming animated feature "Hotel Transylvania," voicing Murray the Mummy. He's also producing his own Las Vegas residency show, "Loberace," launching in February at Planet Hollywood, and releasing a book and Goodie Mob album next year, in addition to a new album.

For NBC, the pact continues its relationship with top-tier recording artists for the small screen. Ricky Martin inked a talent holding deal in July with NBCUniversal to develop and star in his first network series, and John Legend inked a pod deal with Universal Cable Productions to develop projects for cable and broadcast.

Green is repped by WME, Primary Wave Talent Management and Stone Meyer.

Ne-Yo on Nicki Minaj: 'We Don't Have to Agree on Politics

Ne-Yo has a new album due in November, and there's a story behind the title. "R.E.D. is an acronym standing for Realizing Every Dream," he told Rolling Stone on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards. "It is a perfect blend of R&B music and pop music combined."

The album, featuring production from the likes of Stargate and No I.D., will include a few unexpected touches that may surprise his fans. One of them is Diddy, Ne-Yo revealed. "He came down and did something for me, absolutely," he says. "The name of the track is 'Should Be You.' Actually we're gonna put that one out within the next couple of weeks. It's me featuring Diddy and Fabolous."

Pleased though he is to have Diddy and Fabolous, Ne-Yo hasn't exhausted his wish list of acts he'd like to work with. "I've worked with Kanye, [but] never had the opportunity to do that great song that I know is possible, same thing with Jay," he says. "I'm a huge fan of Nicki Minaj, I think that we can do something great on or off . . . scratch that, don't scratch that."

After the show, Ne-Yo planned to watch President Obama accept the Democratic Party's nomination for a second term. "I'm not gonna sit and complain with my friends about what's wrong," he said. "I'm gonna get out and make sure that I do something to help fix whatever the hell is wrong. You can't complain if you're not gonna do anything about it."

Although Minaj seemed to endorse Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on a recent mixtape track, Ne-Yo said that doesn't change his mind about wanting to work with her. "Politics is politics. Music is a whole 'nother thing. We don't have to agree on politics to do a great song together," he says. "Or possibly have wild, butt-naked sex."

MTV VMAs 2012: Rihanna, One Direction Find Love & Moonmen

The most shocking aspect of the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards? That would be the lack of shocking moments at the show, held for the first time at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Chocked with stars, including Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Drake, Lil Wayne, Green Day, fun., Wiz Khalifa and others, the Kevin Hart-hosted affair ran largely by the book, with a mix of goofy gags, performances and a smattering of awards (One Direction, notably, won three).

The night opened and closed with Rihanna, who kicked off the festivities with a thumping split performance of "Cockiness" featuring A$AP Rocky, and her mega-hit, "We Found Love." At the end of the night, her gritty clip for "Love" snagged Video of the Year honors. "I love you guys, this is awesome."

Host Kevin Hart entered with a dud of a joke, accompanied with a security detail comprised of little people. "I told MTV I wanted a little security. They took it literally." He called out previous host Russell Brand and the Drake-Chris Brown during his spit-fire opening monologue. "MTV is the place for mistakes."

The first award given during the telecast, Best Pop Video, went to One Direction for "What Makes You Beautiful." Presenter Katy Perry accidentally broke off the Moonman's flag when handing it to the guys, but quickly made up for it by giving the guys a peck. "Katy, thanks for the kiss. We've grown up watching this show. To be here is incredible." They later performed new single "One Thing" and later still solidified their status as the hottest new group in pop by winning Best New Artist. During the pre-show, "Beautiful" also won Most Share-Worthy Video.

Live sets came from P!nk, who performed "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," currently No. 11 on the Hot 100, and Frank Ocean, with an affecting take on his emotional "Thinkin Bout You." Green Day represented the rock with a run-though of "Let Yourself Go," off "Uno!" 2 Chainz sang "Yuck!"

Alicia Keys played the original version of her single "Girl on Fire," with an able assist from Nicki Minaj and a moment-of-the-night cameo by U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas, who did a bit of light tumbling during the tail end of the performance. It was all smiles from the all-around gold medalist at last month's Olympics.

The show actually saved the best performance for last with Taylor Swift and huge ensemble of friends and furries dancing in an anthemic fist-raising TV debut of her recent Hot 100 No. 1 "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Other winners went to Chris Brown, a magnet for controversy, who went the subtle route with his acceptance speech for Best Male Video ("Turn Up the Music"), thanking fans and management in brief comments. Brown's sworn enemy, Drake, got a bit more personal when accepting Best Hip-Hop Video, for "HYFR." The Canadian rapper said growing up black and Jewish informed the song's message. "I wanna dedicate this award to to any kid who's had a long walk home by himself," he said while surrounded by Young Money cohorts Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

Pre-show awards went to Demi Lovato, whose "Skyscraper" earned the nod for Best Video With a Message. She was soon performing her most recent single, "Give Your Heart a Break," which tops Billboard's Pop Songs chart this week.

Calvin Harris, the night's DJ, won Best EDM Video for "Feel So Close." Conveniently, the super-producer (Rihanna's "We Found Love") had his Moonman while he was pumping the beats inside the Staples Center.

It didn't carry the same WOW-factor as last year's big red-carpet pregnancy news (Beyonce), but Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose announced to (your boy) Sway that they were expecting their first child. "I'm hot and my feet hurt," the model said.

Here's the 2012 MTV VMAs winners list:

Video of the Year

Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris -- "We Found Love"

Best Male Video

Chris Brown -- "Turn Up the Music"

Best Female Video

Nicki Minaj -- "Starships"

Best New Artist

One Direction -- "What Makes You Beautiful"

Best Pop Video

One Direction -- "What Makes You Beautiful"

Best Rock Video

Coldplay -- "Paradise"

Best Hip-Hop Video

Drake feat. Lil Wayne -- "HYFR"

Best Electronic Dance Video

Calvin Harris -- "Feel So Close"

Best Video With a Message

Demi Lovato -- "Skyscraper"

Most Share-Worthy Video

One Direction -- "What Makes You Beautiful"

Rihanna Wins Top Prize at Tame MTV VMAs

No interruptions from Kanye West, no Lady Gaga in drag, no Madonna-Britney makeout session – this year's MTV Video Music Awards were a pretty tame affair.

One Direction had the best showing on Thursday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with three awards (one came before the telecast), but Rihanna took the top prize, winning Video of the Year for her wistful club jam "We Found Love." She was up for five Moonman statues along with Drake, who won Best Hip-Hop Video for "HYFR" – and gave one of the most heartfelt acceptance speeches. 

After going for the hug with award presenter Rashida Jones, Drake thanked Lil Wayne and Young Money, while Wayne mugged in the background wearing red headphones and shades. "The video is about, you know, being me, being black and Jewish," Drake said, recalling a time when he was made fun of as a teen. He continued, "I want to dedicate this award to any kid who's ever had a long walk home by himself."
Photos: 2012 MTV VMAs Red Carpet

One Direction's wins included Best Pop Video and Best New Artist, and the lads seemed taken aback by their success. "To win one Moonman is amazing, to win two is incredible and to perform is absolutely ridiculous," Harry Styles said.

The performances were the saving grace at this year's VMAs, which included a powerful turn by Frank Ocean and the television debuts of new songs by Green Day, Pink, Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift. She closed the show with her irresistibly catchy "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Opening honors went to Rihanna, who rose from behind the stage seated on a throne as green lasers swept the room. Flanked by dancers, she sang parts of her nasty sex anthem "Cockiness (Love It)" and "We Found Love." The lead-off spot wasn't enough for a Best Pop Video award, though: One Direction took the Moonman for "What Makes You Beautiful."

Pink started her performance alone with a keyboard and drum pad on a small platform, dialing in her breakthrough hit "Get the Party Started." It was a feint, of course: hooked into a harness, the singer sailed over the crowd to the stage, where she sang her new single, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," surrounded by dancers wearing garters and fishnets with their upper bodies hidden beneath costumes shaped like giant red lips.

Frank Ocean, a nominee in three categories including Best New Artist, let his voice float through his wrenching "Thinkin Bout You" while seated on what looked like a rock, a large bonfire blazing behind him as an electric guitar player plucked out low-key accompaniment.

Later, during Green Day's performance of new song "Let Yourself Go," singer Billie Joe Armstrong seemed none the worse for wear following his hospitalization for dehydration last weekend in Italy. He barked out the lyrics, and bellowed exhortations to the crowd as the band churned out the full-bore rocker.
Alicia Keys sang her new "Girl on Fire," accompanying herself on electric piano over a booming drum beat. She paused for a rap interlude from Nicki Minaj (whose "Starships" won Best Female Video), then a quick floor routine from Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, who introduced Keys with the other members of the U.S. women's gymnastics team. 

Host Kevin Hart was blissfully scarce after an early monologue in which he cracked jokes about the Drake-Chris Brown feud (a reaction shot caught Drake wincing in the audience); Frank Ocean announcing he was gay; Snooki's, well, Snooki-ness; and Kristen Stewart's cheating flap. Hart appeared later in separate clips with each of the acts up for Best New Artist, and for bits with new L.A. Laker Dwight Howard and Korean YouTube star Psy, who demonstrated his "Gangnam Style" dance moves.