Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to become a SoundScan reporter?

The requirements for reporting sales to Nielsen SoundScan are that your store has Internet access and a Point Of Sales (POS) Inventory System. Nielsen SoundScan does not provide a retailer with a POS System, but can recommend companies who are familiar with our needs.

A POS System means that you scan the bar codes of the products you sell. We have a specific format that is required for submitting sales to Nielsen SoundScan. It is a simple text file, consisting of all the UPC’s sold and the quantities per UPC on a weekly basis. There are two methods for transmitting data. The first is a dial-up through our 1-800 phone number. The second, and preferred method is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) transmission.We will assign you a unique user name and password to transfer your data to Nielsen SoundScan. For Internet Sellers or Mail Order companies, the methods of transmissions are the same. 

However, the file submitted will consist of all the UPC’s sold and a corresponding zip code as to where the product was shipped, with an indication of a sales or return. All information is confidential, and as a benefit of being a data provider, we will provide you with specific weekly reports in exchange for your data.

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