Saturday, January 5, 2013


Grammy-winning producer Timbaland is taking his relationship with rap star 50 Cent up a notch, moving beyond studio recording booths and into a new business venture for SMS Audio.
Details of the new partnership bubbled online this week as Timbo is now an official investor in Fif's popular headphones line.
The "Candy Shop" hit-maker founded SMS Audio LLC in 2011 and his range of electronics has been a big hit among fans. Now, Timbaland is throwing his support behind his pal's business venture by funneling his own cash into the firm and agreeing to serve as a member of the corporation's board of directors. The music producer, real name Timothy Mosley, will also help design new products. (Star Pulse)
Both hip-hop artists have confirmed the big news and what people can expect.
He says, "50 Cent has created an inspirational audio brand that produces the highest caliber of headphones on the market. I'm looking forward to working with 50 and being part of a company so eager to bring studio-quality sound to music fans all over the world." And the 37 year old is happy to have Mosley as his partner: "As an entrepreneur in the music industry, I have great respect for Timbaland and his evolving role as a producer, artist and influencer. I welcome his expertise and guidance." "Timbaland will be a huge asset to the SMS Audio team as we move forward with new and innovative audio products." (Star Pulse)
SMS Audio President Brian Nohe previously talked to SOHH about the growing brand.
"I remember being a kid in the 1950's listening to my transmitter radio, most people are probably too young to remember, but there was a single bud you put in your ear and that's how you listened to your transmitter radio," Nohe told SOHH. "Headphones have been around for a long time and some competitors have done a brilliant job inducing the market in terms of either quality or fashion. It has been good for the marketplace -- the headphones category over the past few years is growing at about ten percent per year. I love the competitors and I think people like Skull Candy have done a great job and Beats have done a good job in terms of speaking to their consumers and I think there's more than enough room for good, solid competitors and we are going to be one." (SOHH)
A couple years ago, the G-Unit head said a portion of his headphones sales would go toward fighting hunger.
50 Cent promises that his new line of SMS Audio headphones will beat out any current market competition, but the G-Unit CEO is also donating some of the proceeds from headphone sales to Feeding America. "Because of my Street King initiative, with every purchase there's a meal being provided through the United Nations World Food Programme," Fif tells MTV News. "And with this actual project, I decided I wanted to do something here in America. So for every pair of these headsets that are sold domestically and online through, 250 meals will be provided by Feeding America, which is our leading charitable organization against hunger." (RapFix)

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