Friday, August 2, 2013


With a simple photo, Beyonce has told her version of the beloved children's tale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."

You know, the urban, modern-day Instagram version.

The "Standing on the Sun" pop diva, 31, shared an adorable photo Wednesday with no caption and not even a glimpse of herself or her family, but the pic got more than 601,000 likes within 24 hours. 

The snapshot simply showed her little family's shoes du jour: Timberlands, specifically the ubiquitous tan lace-up work boot and its many variatons.

Three, to be exact.

Jay Z's are big (flat and manly), Beyonce's are high-heeled (natch) and their baby girl Blue Ivy's Tims are just right. And by right, we mean teeny-tiny and adorable.

Because, come on, what's cuter than baby footwear??

Rapper Jay Z was spotted leaving Gjelina in Venice this week wearing the brand's 6-inch basic waterpoof boot too. 

And honestly, we prefer to "heart" photos like this (or family photos or inspirational handwritten notes or day in the life of Bey snaps) more than videos that showcase — ahem — golden fangs.

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