Friday, August 16, 2013

Justin Timberlake Reveals Track List For New Album "The 20/20 Experience- 2 of 2" drops Sept. 30 ...

Just in case you couldn’t get enough of Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience,” which was released earlier this year after a musical hiatus, you’re in luck. “The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2″ is scheduled for release on Sept. 30 and the lead single, “Take Back The Night,” is out now.

The pop star shared the track listing, which you can view below, on his Instagram account Wednesday night.

1. Gimme What I Don’t Want Know (I Want)
2. True Blood
3. Cabaret
4. TKO
5. Take Back The Night
6. Murder
7. Drink You Away
8. You Got It On
9. Amnesia
10.Only When I Walk Away
11. Not A Bad Thing

Timberlake, who wraps up his Legends of the Summer Tour with Jay Z in Miami Friday night, will hit the stage solo soon to promote “20/20 Part 2.”
Later this month, he will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, where he will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Congratulations, Justin!
The new CD is now available for pre-sale at iTunes and Amazon.

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