Friday, September 6, 2013

Papoose Rips Big Sean's Head Off W/ New Diss

New York rapper Papoose has unleashed some fury on G.O.O.D Music's Big Sean after recently being taunted by him in an interview with the release of "First Chain" remix. 

Without holding back, Pap delivers onslaught to Sean with a combination of disses.
"Big Sean's album is trash, it sound wicked /In fights I be swinging like Will and Jada Pickett /"Papoose, who?" Boy, I'll give you faceshots /I'll leave your eye puffy like the n*gga who made Ma$e hot /All of your dogs is straight dogs, y'all get straight shots /Bastards, I spit ACID they need mallocks/ /Kanye wore a skirt what was he trying to prove /Y'all be following them illuminati rules /Carry yourself like a man, and you will fail /Play a b*tch, you prevail /The only time they want the black man to show his strength /Is during sports, outside of that they want us to be soft /So Big Sean speak like a woman when he talk /When he having a seat he keeps his legs crossed /We can't blame him, it's really not his fault /This is the feminization that he was taught /You ain't a man take that M from your mannerism /You brain dead, I just gave you aneurysm /True and living, god cipher divine, use your widsom /Whenever I'm reciting a rhyme the proof is given Using Biggie's name, who gave you permission? You look like Ralph Tresvant from New Edition" ("First Chain" Remix)
Pap took things a bit further by clowning Sean's verse on "Control" in light of guest feature Kendrick Lamar sparking so much attention from the track.
"Every time they play Control they skip your verse /Little b*tch how much change you got in your purse? /I'm 'bout to lift your skirt /It's a different between great music and good music /Y'all ain't good with me /How the f*ck they put your album out before Pusha T? /I figured out why you're so skinny then I got over it /Pusha must be selling the crack and you smokin' it /Anorexic describe the way that you spit /On your album cover it look like you taking a sh*t /Behind the green curtain, the same color as Kelis' dress- /On Nas album cover, you a complete mess /Is that a indirect or you just a copycat? /Cause he killed you on your own album, he bodied that /Got the audacity to say your better than Drake /And out rap Jay Z, what level of hate /Those artists made you hot, go ahead and give grace /Worst Clique verse, they should spit that in your face /Your biggest record was called A-S-S /Nicki Minaj made it hot, you way less fresh /I heard you Ye yes man who get paid less checks /So when Ye ask a question you just say "yes yes" /You cocky for no reason like you making mad noise /You got your style from the original Bad Boy /B-I-G, why you said that sh*t? Always saying "Boi!" that's Craig Mack's sh*t" ("First Chain" Remix)
Last week, Sean wrote off Papoose when asked about him dissing Lamar over the "Control" track.
"Yeah right," Sean said when told his "Control" record ultimately sparked tensions between J. Cole and Diddy. "I don't believe it. Rumors is rumors, you know. It is funny. I feel like people are taking it way too serious. People turning up, especially people who didn't even get named. You know what I'm saying? Who cares? [Papoose threw bars?] Who? Who? Nah -- it's sportsmanship. I look at this whole industry like it's wrestling, you feel me? It's basketball. Kendrick hit me up before we did 'Control' and said, 'You got any songs to let me hop on, man? Send some sh*t through.' It just shows how cool we are but it's crazy 'cause just like basketball players, we'll go on the court and score 30 on each other but afterwards we'll go get a beer. But that's what it is. It's competitive. Just like he think he's the best, Drake thinks he's the best and I think I'm the best and Jay Z thinks he's the best and Kanye thinks he's the best, we're all dudes trying to be the best at what we do. Period." ("The Breakfast Club")
During a Hot 97 radio interview in August, Pap told host Peter Rosenberg why he could not take back dissing Kendrick.
"Nobody is going to disrespect New York City like that, man, and kick dirt on New York City and say you the 'King of New York' when you not even from New York," Pap said in an interview. "It doesn't get no more disrespectful that that. Then, you're a Muslim who eats pork. Are you kidding me? You don't say that, you don't say you're a Muslim who eats pork. What's that? ... Nobody is going to disrespect New York while I'm breathing -- that means when you disrespect New York, everything goes. It is what it is. This is hip-hop, don't get it twisted, I'm going to go on the record and say that." (Hot 97)

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