Monday, January 6, 2014

We are offering distribution of your music to radio stations, satellite radio, network radio, college campuses and DJ’s worldwide.

What We're Offering...

Currently, we are offering digital distribution of your music to over 30,000 radio stations, satellite radio, network radio, college campuses and DJ’s worldwide. 

Palace Music Group enables artists and record labels to present their music, to radio stations, worldwide. Allowing the stations to listen, and download the artist’s music releases and plays them on their stations. Palace Music Group replaces the expensive, and time consuming process of mailing the CDs to radio stations.
Palace Music Group does not promise airplay. Any website that promises or guarantees airplay should be looked at very carefully. With Palace Music Group only professional Music Directors and DJ's make the decision to play your music if they like what they hear. No truly professional music website can guarantee that any amount of radio stations will like all the music.

The following is a small Partial Listing of Radio Stations.

Radio Stations click here

You Asked...

Digital Online Store Distribution

A few good reasons why you should consider using the Palace Music Group Music Delivery Service...

1) Why pay postage to mail your single or album release to hundreds of stations to possibly have many stations throw your CD in the trash or to place in storage without even listening to the music? Palace Music Group is the most economical way to deliver your song to radio and media for airplay consideration in the USA and countries around the world.

2) Palace Music Group is the most cost efficient and effective promotion and marketing tool for your current or future projects.

3) Environmentally friendly, and cost effective alternative to send music around the world, as there is less waste from envelopes, CDs, jewel cases, photos, one sheets, etc.

4) Allows Disk Jockeys and Music Directors to view your bands live performances or a One On One Introduction Video for that personal touch introducing artists to radio.

5) Potential for "international licensing deals" increases through our service to international radio & music industry contacts.

6) Increased potential for performing rights income as a writer and/or publisher. Palace Music Group is a great addition to your current promotion campaign.

7) Increased potential for additional performance royalties from Syndicated Radio programs Satellite and Web Cast airplay. (Sound Exchange)

8) Saves time. When an artist mails a CD, it could take weeks for a station to get and listen to the CD, and it only gets exposure to the stations that receive that CD. With Palace Music Group, stations across the globe can receive it the very same day the album is released. Some artists have released the CD to radio directly from the mastering studio without even waiting for the CD manufacturing process and received radio airplay the same day.

9) Extends Album Life. Allows for the artists or labels to control what songs the radio stations can listen to increasing their album life. Why send a full CD, and only have two or three songs played from that album before the album begins to lose the attention of radio? Sign up now to get your music out to the world!

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