Thursday, February 6, 2014

Diddy Can't Shake The Rumors, Singled Out By NY Restaurant Waitress

Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy can't dodge the rumors and negative press this week as reports claim he recently stiffed a waitress during the Super Bowl in New York City.

Diddy and his entourage rang up a $200 tab at a NYC bar during the Super Bowl ... then STIFFED their waitress on the tip ... according to the bar which is now publicly shaming the multi-millionaire. Employees say on Sunday Sean Combs and his friends were at The Bar located in the Dream Hotel ... and when the bar manager asked Diddy if he was receiving good service ... Diddy said everything was A-ok. But when it came time to pay ... staffers say Diddy left a giant goose egg for gratuity. (TMZ)

To make matters worse, the restaurant has publicly called out Puffy through social media.

Now The Bar is calling him out ... ridiculing him on its Facebook page -- "Although [Diddy's] Net worth is in the millions, he felt it necessary to stiff a hard working young girl for $40 bucks. What a gentleman....!!!" Of course it's possible Diddy thought, for once, someone else in his entourage would pick up the tab. We've reached out to him ... so far no response. (TMZ)
Widespread rumors and buzz about Puffy and longtime Bad Boy Records artist Cassie getting engaged surfaced over the weekend.

Are Diddy and longtime girlfriend Cassie Ventura engaged? If the proof is in the music mogul's recent Instagram post then chances are the couple are heading towards matrimony. "Baby do you like it?" Diddy, 44, captioned a photo Saturday of a blinged out engagement ring. "I just want to get you wat you Like!" he added. "I just wanna Mk you smile :) #takeDat!" (New York Daily News)

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Despite the hype, one of Puff's reps immediately shot down the gossip.

However a rep for the rapper told the Daily News that the entrepreneur and the 27-year-old singer, who have been dating since 2007, "are not engaged." While they appear to be in a loving relationship, Diddy has been quite candid in the past about not wanting to get married. It definitely would be a dream come true for me to just one day be ready for the (marriage)," he said during an October 2013 interview on "The View." He added: "I'm not really looking because I know the responsibility that comes with that, and I think that a lot of people, they jump into that and they're not honest with themselves." (New York Daily News)

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