Monday, June 30, 2014

Game Kills Rap Beef

by Cyrus Langhorne
West Coast rapper Game has bigger things on his mind these days than entertaining rap beefs and announced an end to his guilty-by-association feud with Chicago hip-hop artist Lil Durk. #CeaseFire
Game broke the big news across social media network Twitter Sunday (June 29).
"My Big homie "G Weed" put @lildurk_ on the phone wit me. Sh*t is DEAD ! We chopped it up like REAL N*GGAS & both sides respect each other.," Game tweeted June 29. (Game's Twitter)
Durk also jumped onto his Twitter page to confirm the feud is over.
"@thegame @G_weeder149 a real one homie chiraq x LA," Durk tweeted June 29. (Lil Durk's Twitter)
Following Game's "Chiraq to LA" diss, Durk's camp revealed there were no plans to release a response track.
"Nah, we ain't gon' release no track," Durk's management told XXL. "Everybody that Game mentioned that he say he know in Chicago is releasing a track. G Count already released a track. Bump J is finna get on the phone from the federal penitentiary to say he don't know Game." (XXL Mag)
Durk's team also addressed Game's explosive jabs and decision to drag himself into rapper Tyga's feud.
The camp later spoke on the mystery of Game's involvement in the beef. "Game is trying to get a buzz off of us. We ain't gon to feed into that. We gon drop our single and our album. He might get a response on the album. Everybody gonna have to wait and see. Durk don't acknowledge Game; he's wondering where Game came from. They say Tyga paid him to get on the track. He can't handle that by himself." (XXL Mag)
Game threw himself into Tyga's beef by going off on Durk with handfuls of verbal jabs on the diss track.
"I don't f*ck with no new n*ggas, they like to sue, no woo n*gga /Tyga hit me like "Durk dissing" /Dirk Nowitzki? Dirk who n*gga? /Never heard of these n*ggas /Some of the nerve of these n*ggas /Don't make me put on burgundy n*gga /Let the AK (gunshots) I'm serving these n*ggas /Yo T raw, time to murder these n*ggas" ("Chiraq To LA")

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