Monday, June 30, 2014

Move Over YouTube, New Video Tech Company Ready To Compete

by  Kyle Heller

With the digital market booming with the launch of technology like BitTorrent, video tech company Cinematique co-founder Kyle Heller tells SOHH readers why his company's ready to make waves.

Cinematique revolutionizes the way we experience video by transforming it to be entirely interactive. For the first time, viewers can get what they want right at their finger tips. Whether it is learning more about a celebrity or purchasing a dress in real-time, it is now all possible from inside video.

Founded by a team of filmmakers and technologists, we recognized the way media is being consumed is not only migrating to touch screen devices but also our general desire to get more information whenever, wherever we want.

We developed the underlying technology MTE Video™ over two years to enhance the commercial content we were producing - after realizing its power, we decided to make it publicly available last July. Within the past year, we have experienced significant consumer adoption and market traction working with over 200 brands in fashion and retail.

The evolution of video from a passive to an active experience, with a world of information is inside the video waiting to be unlocked. We have built the platform to be completely seamless, rid of overlays or annotations overtop the video. We believe the viewing experience should only evolve without interrupting the video.

Anyone can contact us at We have primarily worked with fashion and retail brands, but [singer] Jason Derulo's 'Talk Dirty' is the first music video, with many others to be released in the near future! Both Warner Records and Monster have been amazingly supportive of this platform and all believe this will be the future of video - creating new ways of deeper engagement and monetization.

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