Friday, July 18, 2014

Farewell, Mr. Pace!

After a little more than a  2 years Michael Pace has Resigned From his Independent Assignment at PMG in an email dated 7/18/2014.

Mike Pace
PMG NEWS--Confirmed the news late on Friday, affirming in a statement by Palace Music Group's CEO Kamal Jabbar he expressed, "It has been a pleasure having Mr. Pace as one of our self-governing associates and we wish him success in his future undertakings. The company will miss his hard work; his strong determination and support".

Details of the resignation, were not available.

 Nevertheless, Pace had positive words for Jabbar's leadership during the transition, remarking that, "I am disappointed I have to step away from PMG at such an exciting time for the company, but it gives me great comfort to know that PMG is in such talented, trustworthy, honest and steady hands."

The following is an post left on Mr Pace's facebook page from the company

You have done a magnificent job in this independently contracted post. You devoted  your eloquence, your idealism, sound judgment, your determined drive and sparkling personality all combined with which made you superbly qualified for the task of conveying the true picture and purpose of this company independent entrepreneurship.  

Yours was an exacting independent assignment, requiring vigor, intelligence, understanding of music industry problems and a sympathy for the Indy artist.

We will miss your autonomous advice and counsel. However, we are glad you have decided to seek continuance of your music career.

We have enjoyed free-associating with you and your at liberty competent assistance.

I close, with a simple phrase: "On behalf of all of us Goodbye, and good luck!"

An interim replacement for Pace has not been named yet. PMG's board is scheduled to discuss the appointment of a new GM during its next board meeting.

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