Wednesday, August 13, 2014

EXCLUSIVE//Tyga Dumps Model Baby Mama

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money's Tyga is reportedly back on the dating market after calling it quits with longtime model girlfriend Blac Chyna.

According to reports, Tyga pulled the plug on their romance after having a son nearly two years ago and getting engaged in December 2012.

Sources close to the former pair tell TMZ ... Tyga's the one who called it quits. It's unclear why he threw in the towel. We're told Blac Chyna isn't acknowledging the breakup -- she's in denial -- and some of her stuff is still at the house. We're told Tyga hosted two pool parties at their home in the last few weeks (including one for Kylie Jenner's birthday) but she wasn't invited to either. (TMZ)
Chyna recently denied cheating gossip and dismissed any association to the messy drama.

"Stop with the lies!!!! This not me! Not my body nor my tattoo .... I never used to date another rapper named Fat Trel, EVER, so dead all this sh*t now. A fool would believe anything they see or hear! My love and loyalty has been with Ty and King. So miss me with that rap sh*t!!!" (Blac Chyna's Instagram)
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BC also relied on her Twitter page to declare an undying love for Tyga and their son.

"Only a fool would believe another fool.," Chyna tweeted July 9.

"Ty & King got all my Loyalty and Love Forever!" (Blac Chyna's Twitter)
Rumors about Chyna possibly creeping around with another rapper bubbled online last month.

Blac Chyna has somehow been mixed up in Twitter feud between a D-List rapper named Fat Trel and his baby mama Chrissy V, and Chyna is not happy about it. The angry baby mama put Trel on blast during a rant on Twitter, claiming he had sex with Blac Chyna while her and her boyfriend Tyga's baby was sleeping in the next room. (RumorFix)

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