Sunday, December 21, 2014

2 NYPD Cops Killed In Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

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Two uniformed NYPD officers of the 79th precinct were shot at point-blank range in their marked police car outside of the Tompkins Houses Saturday afternoon

According to preliminary reports, both officers were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill when they were shot “execution style” by a single gunman who approached their car at a corner near Myrtle Ave in Bedford-Stuyvesant. One source says:

The gunman just started “pumping bullets” into the patrol car!
The suspected gunman fled to a nearby subway station at Myrtle and Willoughby Avenues, where he was fatally shot. Preliminary reports were unclear on whether he was shot by police or his own hand. One witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said at least one officer shot the suspect inside the station. Police officials have yet to confirm that.

Bobby Shmurdas Attorney Speaks 

Carmen Jimenez, 32, a social worker from Bedford-Stuyvesant, was on the subway platform when the gunman ran inside, pursued by officers.

“Everything happened so quick, we were standing waiting for the G train. We heard arguing from the other end of the platform. It looked like two cops came in there was lots of yelling and they said, ‘Everybody get down.’ We tried to get out of there, and there was a lot of shouting, people were screaming, people were trying to run. I threw myself on the floor. I was afraid for my life and afraid for my baby".!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/article-copshot7-1220.jpg
Both officers were rushed to Woodhull Hospital. Both officers were shot direct in the head. Their conditions were not immediately clear, but a New York City Councilman told PIX11 News reporter Magee Hickey that the officers are dead. One can only wonder in light of the recent police killings, and the murders by law enforcement of young black men; how many more cases such as this will occur in the future?

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 UPDATE: The Source‘s owner and publisher, L. Londell McMillan has spoken out about the events that have transpired a two days ago, and his comments are as follows.

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I am deeply saddened about the loss of life on any level including the execution of these police officers. I hope this tragic violence does not escalate. Law enforcement officers who serve the public should not be ambushed. I grew up in these housing projects and we cannot attribute this tragedy to all people there or to protesters fighting for justice. It is a tragedy and we all must learn from it. – L. Londell McMillan

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