Sunday, December 28, 2014

Victim Of Diddy And Shyne’s NYC Shooting Incident Speaks Out 15 Years Later

Today (Dec. 28) marks the 15-year anniversary of the infamous NYC shooting incident that involved Diddy, Shyne and Jennifer Lopez back in 1999. When an altercation between the rap mogul and a fellow Club New York patron Matthew Allen led to a shooting that left three people injured, Lopez was arrested and released, Diddy was acquitted of all charges and Shyne spent eight years in prison. Diddy later settled civil suits from the victims in 2011, shelling out over $2.3 million.

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Digging up this story, UpNorthTrips posted the newspaper cover story on Instagram, which led to a surprising find.

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A victim of the shooting, Natania Reuben, who caught wind of the post, took to the comments to shame the New York Daily New headline, which she says gave sympathy to the celebrities instead of the victims. Reuben was shot in the face during the incident and paid a $1.8 million settlement from Diddy. She expressed thankfulness for having survived the ordeal.

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Remaining resentful towards Diddy for getting himself acquitting and allegedly letting him take the fall, Shyne was released and deported to Belize in 2009. He reconciled with his former Bad Boy boss in 2012, after which he severed ties with Diddy yet again a few months later.

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