Friday, July 31, 2015

Jordan Brand Loses Trademark Lawsuit

Qiaodan Sports Co., a Beijing-based company that makes

 ridiculous Jordan Brand 

knock-offs, just picked up the 

'W' against Michael Jordan 

and his brand. 

His Airness filed a trademark lawsuit against the company for using a name and logo that resembles the iconic Jumpman that is used on Jordan Brand and Nike products, but the Chinese court system ruled against him. 
"'Jordan' is not the only possible reference for 'Qiaodan' in the trademark under dispute," the court stated in the verdict. "In addition, 'Jordan' is a common surname used by Americans."
According to the ruling, because the logo being used doesn't include any facial features, there wasn't enough evidence to prove that the company was stealing Jordan's likeness- thus, there was no basis for the trademark lawsuit.

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