Saturday, March 4, 2017

Game Expands His Weed Business With Cannabis Candles, Trays and More

Image result for game rapperRap star Game is growing his weed business thanks to a new deal with a company called Be Lit Brands.
Be Lit specializes in designing high-quality cannabis strain-inspired soy candles, cannabis rolling trays, apparel, and more.
According to Game, he found the company and their products, while he was visiting the BIG Industry Show and High Times Business Expo in Los Angeles in January.

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“It’s a matter of working with the absolute best in every product category, and setting new limits for where we as a community can take this industry,” Game told in a statement. “I’m honored at the opportunity to work with Be-Lit and the wonderful people on their team. The designs and styles are fresh, plus they promote positivity, cannabis and that Zen vibe throughout the brand.

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