Saturday, June 3, 2017

SMU student punished for flier response

by Shantell E Jamison 

Texas-based college student says she is just a step away from suspension after creating and handing out a flier that supported Black students.

25-year-old Emily Walker, who attends Southern Methodist University, is on disciplinary probation following a months-long investigation by officials linked to the university.
Walker says she created a flier last November titled, “Why White Women Should Date Black Men” in response to another flier titled, “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men.” The latter flier included a series of racist and offensive claims about Black men.
She believes that she did nothing wrong and is being unfairly targeted.

Walker printed out 150 fliers and distributed them on campus. One week later, she learned she was under investigation by the school. But what was supposed to be a quick process turned into an anxiety-filled investigation that resulted in her being placed on probation, Walker said.

Walker says the university felt her fliers added to an already tense and hostile environment on campus. While they contained risqué generalizations about White men, Walker says it was a satire meant to send a supportive message to African-American students on campus.
“If you do one thing wrong, you could be suspended and off this campus,” Walker said. “It tells me I can’t speak out for other people.” cont' more

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