Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Dipset's Juelz Santana recently discussed his close-knit working relationship with estranged G-Unit member Lloyd Banks and how much music they have on deck.
According to Santana, Banks even kicks it with him at his crib when not in the recording studio.
"A mixtape or somethin'," Elz asked MTV News, answering our question with another question during our interview on Thursday. "Me and Banks are definitely cool enough. Me and Banks are cool not even on the music tip, like Banks comes to my house to light up a brown cigarette and things of that nature. ... Me and Banks actually recorded three records [for my God Will'n mixtape], it's crazy. I think the whole tape is crazy, so everything I'ma say, I think it's crazy. But to tell you about the record, we recorded the record together. He came to my studio. He played some beats. He actually had a song he wanted me to get on for his tape. I jumped on that, and he played another two beats, and we knocked a couple of records out. ... Me and Banks, we got a good chemistry together. We do records fast. We got a good energy. That might transpire into something a little bigger." (MTV)
Back in 2010, CNN's N.O.R.E. applauded Banks and Juelz for their "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" anthem.
"A new artist from the East Coast or an older artist from the East Coast comes out and he gets light support as opposed to when these other guys come out, their music is all over our town and then you got your artists that travel to their communities, and they never hear they records," NORE told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. "As far as the East coming back, I feel like we really never went anywhere, it's just that the content of hip-hop wasn't that much relevant. People wanted to dance and now people are so tired of dancing and they so tired of wearing white tees, now it's just time for us to say you know what, it's time to get back to what it's originally made of. I salute Fabolous, he had a great year...I like what he did for the town, I like his new mixtape. Lloyd Banks with Juelz Santana, that's a good look for the city, I salute that." ("Jenny Boom Boom TV")
Lloyd previously boasted about hooking up with the Diplomat for their hit.
"The Juelz feature is something that didn't happen in [the past] because we had two of our own entities," Banks explained in an interview. "G-Unit had a lot of our own artists we had to showcase, same with Dipset. I was doing records with Prodigy, Mobb Deep, with everybody. I didn't have to go outside the circle. I was excited about the staff we had there. Now it's time for change."To have 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley' added to [radio station] Hot 97 within three or four days was incredible. That was one mixshow weekend that really came at the right time. I'm so thankful, man. It goes to show as long as you keep striving for what you believe in and your goals, you can make it happen." (MTV)
Recently, Atlanta rap newcomer Trinidad James bigged up the "Punch Line King."
"Plus Banks, that dude is amazing to me," James said in an interview. "He's a super good rapper. He's actually got one of the hardest lines I've ever heard in my life. He said something about, 'I'm from Bankhead, where the Bankhead make this b*tch bounce. Give Banks head and then that b*tch can bounce.' I was like whoa! You gotta think about it. I'm in Atlanta and this New York, up north dude just did the hardest Bankhead line that I've ever heard, outside of Atlanta. I was like, 'Ah man, this sh*t is hard as h*ll.'" (Shade 45)

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