Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Rap veteran Nas recently discussed his personal life and why, despite publicized ups and downs, he does not live with regrets no matter how things turn out.
Rather than make up excuses for his trials and tribulations, Nasty Nas said those incidents display his true self.
"The flaws, the mistakes I make -- that's the real me," Jones, 39, said Tuesday at the 92nd St. Y. "It's not so polished. It's not a hit." The often-controversial emcee was hit with a $10 million breach of contract lawsuit last month by a jilted New Jersey promoter over a failed New Year's Eve appearance in Africa. He also had issues with the Internal Revenue Service over unpaid taxes, which he admitted are still ongoing during his one-on-one with DeCurtis. "I could never imagine back then having a career that lasted even one decade," he said. "At one point everyone around me was on parole -- the next moment everyone owns mansions." Jones still visits his old Long Island City stomping grounds on occasion, but prefers a more solitary lifestyle. The posh penthouses still feel foreign and the harsh streets all too familiar, he said. "I don't go out unless I'm working. My quality time is when I'm doing nothing," he said. (New York Daily News)
Back in fall 2011, Nas told Odd Future's Tyler, the Creatorabout his embrace of loneliness.
"Are you, like--this question might catch you off guard, but I ask myself this--like, when you wake up, like, are you happy," Tyler asked. "Like, are you satisfied how everything turned out?" "Dawg, I was naming my album Life Is Good because of how happy I am about how happy things have turned out," Nas answered. "Sometimes I may wake up and wish my kids were living with me. That's the only thing, you know what I mean? Our loved ones that are not around no more, like my mom. That's the only thing. But other than that, everything is great, even when I'm alone. Even when there's no one around." (XXL Mag)
Earlier this month, God's Son spoke on the importance of authenticity as a hip-hop entertainer.
"Rule No. 1 is you can't be fake. If you're fake, you become a gimmick and you're selling a gimmick; a little gimmick is cool, this is entertainment. But when you base your stuff on mostly real stuff, you never run out of it because every day is a different adventure." (SF Gate)
Heading into the weekend, Nas revealed he had checked into a hospital after reportedly suffering from flu-like symptons.
"Peace y'all. I'm out of the ER & doin alright. I'm on bed rest for a few. Apologies to everyone @ Live w/ Kelly & Michael. I'll make it up.," he tweeted January 11th. (Nas' Twitter)

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