Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cassie's Sizzlin' Body, Ashanti Throws On A Bangin' Bikini?

Too Hot Thursday. It's record highs to start the day off, beginning first with football star/rapper DeSean Jackson showing off his sizzling hot girlfriend making him something to eat. 
Speaking of super sexy, is Cassie still making music or has she returned to modeling? Keeping focused on R&B talent, should Ashanti look at a career of being featured in men's magazines considering how she looks in a bikini?
1. Ballin'  
DeSean Jackson might not be the richest receiver in the NFL but the Philadelphia Eagles star has something that's pretty priceless: an attractive girlfriend that knows how to cook. Rather than keep her hidden away, Jackson showed the entire world what he's coming home to after every game, win or loss. Bossip has the shots:


Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles has had quite the run with the ladies. He was rumored to be with Mya at one point and now he's taking Instagram pics of this beauty. Once he showed the world this boo thang of his fixing him breakfast, the world had to know who she was. Well, her name is Chantel Jeffries and she's quite the looker. So naturally creep status kicked in and everyone had to pour through Instagrams to see more. And boy are we happy we did. Take a look. Desean is one lucky boy. (Bossip)
There are plenty of pictures to look at, so make sure to take a peek over at Bossip and use your judgement on where Chantel Jeffries ranks amongst bachelor athletes and their girlfriends. He might not have a Super Bowl ring, but Jackson definitely won the big one with her.

2. Bad Girl
Does anyone care if Cassie's album comes out? The way she's continued to look over the years, you would think she's a full-time model as it is. Turns out Cassie is far from satisfied with the covers she's graced and spreads she's done and is the latest hottie in Equire. Miss Info TV has the inside:


Singer, songwriter, model, and now comedian. Cassie adds another title to her résumé in Esquire's June/July issue. The 26-year-old heats up their latest feature, in which the Bad Boy singer poses in various revealing outfits showing off her many physical attributes. Photographed by Chris Fortuna, Cassie shows off her playful side cracking a few jokes while giving male subscribers some advice on how not to propose. Her RockaByeBaby mixtape is currently out now, expect a video for the Fabolous-assisted "I Love It" to release soon. (Miss Info TV)
How not to propose? Is this a hint that maybe Diddy tried to slip a ring on her finger? There could be a lot more to this story that we all thought.

3. Still Got It
Ashanti might not be the "princess" everyone remembers her for being in the early 2000's, but that's not stopping her from making sure she keeps everyone's attention, especially when she's wearing a bikini and showing off her body. 


Ashanti is a bikini babe! The singer was spotted sporting a tiny yellow bikini while partying at Palms Pool inside Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas Tuesday morning. While sipping on a delicious Daiquiris, Ashanti flaunted her sexy beach bod with her hair in a high pony-tail and a pair of over-sized sunnies. Ashanti was overheard saying that she wanted to host her "Braveheart" album release party at the Palms Pool-so cross your fingers for more bikini pics to come! (RumorFix)
Free promotion? Whatever you want to call it, Ashanti made sure to steal everyone's attention. Even in her 30's, she's still able to look like a young R&B star ready to blossom.  

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