Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soulja Boy Ready To Gillie: "I'm'ma Take Off My Gucci Belt & Whoop His ..."

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy has stepped forward to speak out on his issues with rap rival Gillie Da Kid following a publicized online rift they started last week.

SB posted a series of tweets threatening the Philadelphia rap veteran.

"Why this n*gga got kid in his name and be 40? Grow up f*ck that sh*t not cute @gilliedakid ????????," Soulja tweeted August 11.
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"Smh we should be focused on #RIPMikeBrown but now this old a** n*gga wanna beef with rappers half his age ???? these OGs need guidance"

"I'm gonna take off my Gucci belt and whoop his a** like the "kid" he is. ???????? @gilliedakid"

"This n*gga gillie called da ???? on me? Wowwwwwwww u gon tell on me n*gga? Smh that's not street n*gga @gilliedakid" (Soulja Boy's Twitter)


Gillie made sure to speak out and respond to Soulja Boy's Twitter threats.

"Niggaz need 2 slow up on that cocaine n Molly got Niggaz feelin like superman !!!! Hayuuuuuuuuuuuuu #Ctfu," Gillie tweeted August 11.

"Beef wit souljaGirl #2Easy like hittin a piƱata and all the candy already on the floor!!!" (Gillie Da Kid's Twitter)


Prior to the latest war of words, Gillie spoke to SOHH about their feud.

"He said he was going to slap me and then I said I'm going to put blood in his mouth. Then he took it to the next level. He said don't get at him with the hands but get at him with the guns. Are you serious? You must have snorted a whole half a brick this morning. It's that godd*mn social media. They think money gives you power and respect but in actuality it doesn't do anything but pay for your f*cking funeral." (SOHH)

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He also accused SB of using social media to create a fake image of himself.

"A lot of n*ggas think money gives you money and respect. But at the end of the day, you should be mad at the n*gga that got at me on Twitter. If anything, he should have got at himself for posting up fake money. Don't be mad at me. You're the one that posed with the fake money. How could I throw a fake chain on, take a picture and then when it gets exposed that it's fake, you're gonna get mad at me? Don't get at me. You should be mad at yourself." (SOHH)

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