Friday, June 2, 2017

Regina King & Dana Dane Bringing ‘Cinderella’ To The Hood In Upcoming Hip Hopera

 by Jessica Mckinney

Regina King has a lot of cinematic projects in the works, but her latest script might be her most unique one yet. The actress is reportedly teaming up with legendary rapper Dana Dane to create a new hip hopera movie adaptation of Dane’s 1987 classic, “Cinderfella.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the 30-year-old hit, “Cinderfella” told the story of a dude from the projects in Brooklyn. Similar to the Disney original, Cinderfella had two step-brothers who treated him badly and a fairy godfather named Hurb, who swooped in to save the day just in time for the big house party. But instead of glass slippers, Hurb treated Cinderfella to a pair of fresh sneakers.
There is very little detail on the production and filming process at this time, but the script is reportedly complete and both King and Dane are on the hunt for castmembers, TMZ  reports. 
Ice Cube is also suspected of hopping on board with the project, according to the publicationTo read full article: Click Here Now!
The original article first appeared in VIBE

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