Friday, July 11, 2014

Fruit Town Piru says that Chris Brown can throw up gang's sign, but isn't an initiated member.

Chris Brown may not be an official member of the Bloods, but he's gotten the OK to throw up an L.A. set's gang signs. 


L.A. Bloods Respond To Chris BrownIn response to a video Brown posted on Instagram wherein he references the Fruit Town Piru set with a series of hand gestures, a member of the gang has told TMZ that, while Brown is not an initiated member, he's affiliated enough to use the gang signs without repercussions.

In the video (which has since been deleted from Instagram, but is viewable below), we see Brown next to Slow of Slowbucks at a BET Awards afterparty doing a series of hand gestures. 

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TMZ now claims that an unnamed member of the Compton-based Fruit Town Piru set has told them that he and his crew are cool with Brown's use of the signs. He gave them four reasons why Brown gets a pass:

- "He's hired several of them to work for him... giving their Compton community an economic boost.
- Chris comes to the hood and hangs out with them.
- He shot a music video in the neighborhood... and even included some of them in the vid.
- He donated a thousand pairs of new shoes to Compton kids."

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