Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nas Collaborative Clothing Line With "Ghostbusters"

Nas Announces Clothing Line With "Ghostbusters"Nas' HSTRY Clothing has teamed up with Ghostbusters to create a special collaborative clothing line inspired by the film, which makes its debut in theaters July 15 starring Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy.

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Nas announced the collaboration with Ghostbusters while filming at Sony Pictures' lot in Culver City, California with HYPEBEAST.

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In the video, Nas talks about his appreciation for Ghostbusters 
and why a collaboration with HSTRY made sense.

"The music industry is going through a drastic change on every level [and] every aspect of it where there are new interesting ways to do things," the Life Is Good rapper says. "So I like to be part of that. Remember Sean Jean was t-shirt and a baseball cap in my man's Puffy's office and he was like wondering if it would work and look at it now. I like getting involved in things in the beginning stages and getting a vision for it and going for it."

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